5 Things To Talk About Before You Get Married

Marriage goes beyond I love you and you love me. The harsh reality is, when it comes to marriage, love is not enough. You can’t just jump into marriage just for the sole reason that we are in love. Before you get married, before the vows, make sure you have completely discussed these issues. When I say completely, I mean you have talked and come to a conclusion on these things before you say I do.

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These 5 things are the leading causes of divorce in marriage. So make sure you and your partner have talked about these before the vows. When you wait till after marriage that is when you realize you are not compatible with the person you married because you have different views on these things.

So make sure you have talked about these and have come to a conclusion that you are both okay with.

things to discuss before getting married

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1. Your dreams and goals

You have to let your partner know your goals in life. What you want, what you are working towards, what you are trying to achieve. This way they will know if they he can be in support of that. Marriage is a lifetime thing. So your partner has the right to know what he is signing up for. When you know each other’s goals, you can support each other well.

2. Your past and secrets

You are going to marry this person. You are going to share a life with them. You are going to share a lot of things over the years. Including the most important of them all, children. So this is someone you have to be completely honest with about any secrets and your past. Let them know what they are getting into. Let them know who they are going to share a life with and what life they are going to share with you. Give them the chance to decide whether they can accept you, your past and your secrets and be able to live with that for the rest of their lives.

things to talk about before marriage

3. Finances

Another serious thing to discuss. Both of you must be open and transparent about your earnings and spendings. So that you will know how you can manage your funds to be able to support your family. Let your partner know if you are a big spender, they might be able to help you work on that. Decide on how you are going to budget, save and spend money as a couple. Be open and transparent with your spouse.

4. Intimacy(sex)

This is a very important topic that most people neglect. Yet it affects marriages a lot. You have to sit down with your partner and talk about sex. You need to discuss your sex life. What you can offer and what you can’t. What you will be open to and what you won’t. What you like and what you don’t. Don’t be shy. Get it out there. Let them know your boundaries. If there aren’t any too, let them know. This way you wouldn’t be surprised when they try something in the bedroom.

5. Children

You have to discuss with your partner if you want kids or not and how many kids you want to have. It wouldn’t be fair to your partner if you marry them knowing very well you don’t want kids but they really want kids.

Before the walk down the aisle, be sure you and your partner have completely discussed these things.

5 things every couple must discuss before marriage


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