8 Things To Know About Engagement Ring shopping

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How many times have you heard someone say they wish they’d known a few things before buying an engagement ring?

The tradition of engagement rings is nothing new. But, there may be a few things you ought to know before you buy one.

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You don’t have to spend a couple of month’s salary

Firstly, the ring is a demonstration of your love and commitment – not your bank account. Buy something you can afford. You can always upgrade to something admired by celebrities like the red carpet brigade later on!

You can buy the engagement ring online

If you have already started looking at engagement rings in stores, you’ll know just how hefty those price tags can be. Fortunately, you can now purchase engagement rings online for much friendlier prices. Also, it’s easier to pick up unique or vintage pieces online!

The 4 Cs

You’ll come across the 4 Cs a lot during your hunt for the perfect ring. The Cs stand for cut, carat, clarity and colour. It’s important to have at least a basic understanding of them so as to understand the quality of the rings you look at. After all, it is good to know what you are paying for.

engagement ring shopping

The metal

The most common and durable metals used for engagement rings are platinum and gold. You should choose the metal of the ring based on the metal type of your beloved’s everyday jewellery.

For example, if she tends to wear silver a lot, you may want to choose white gold or platinum. If she usually wears yellow gold, stick to that.

The stone

Diamonds tend to be the most popular stones for engagement rings, but they’re not your only option. The key is to know your partner’s style and what they expect out of their ring in terms of durability and everyday wear.

If you’re looking for a truly sensational stone, Diamonds.co.nz has pink diamonds.

how to pick an engagement ring

Her style

What words would you use to describe her style? Try to isolate a few key points about her aesthetic taste when going through the different ring options so you can narrow down your choices.


Ring size

When it comes to the size of the ring, it’s not an exact science. It really depends on the shape of her finger. How she will prefer to wear her ring, and the width of the ring, amongst other elements.

Try to slip a ring that she wears onto your finger to get an idea of the size.


Return and insurance policies

This is a big purchase, so you really should consider getting the ring insured. Insurance companies will ask you to provide the receipt, or even an appraisal. So be sure you have the paperwork.

A return may be a little more complicated, especially if you have a ring custom-made. So do familiarize yourself with the jeweller’s return policy before making a purchase.

Use these 8 tips to help you on your quest to find the perfect ring.

how to pick an engagement ring

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