4 Sneaky Ways To Hint That You Want To Get Engaged

how to hint at engagement

Every long-term relationship reaches a stage where the two of you are thinking about marriage. However, you’re both too scared to really discuss the idea, as you’re worried what the other one will say.

It’s normal to want to marry someone when you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, and you’re both clearly in love. But it’s not easy to bring up the topic of marriage.

So, if you’re too scared of openly talking about it, then here are a few ways you can drop hints that you want to get engaged.


How to hint you want to get engaged

Speak about the future

This is always a good way of telling someone where your head’s at without directly telling them where your head’s at. If you speak about the future and talk about being married one day and having a house together, then that’s a pretty sizeable hint in my eyes.

They’ll know that you plan on staying around for the long haul. Which could ease their doubts and encourage them to pop the question soon.


Get your friends involved

If you’ve got mutual friends or people that talk to both of you, then it’s time they helped you out. Talk to them about your situation, and maybe get them to mention proposing to your partner.

They could frame it as a joke. But the idea is that they talk about marriage with them. Making it pretty clear that they think you’re really up for it. Sometimes, all it takes is some words from a friend to give your partner the boost they need to get on one knee and propose.

engagement ring

Talk about engagement rings

Few things scream “shall we get engaged” more than someone who draws attention to engagement rings. It’s a pretty big hint to give. And if they don’t put two and two together after this, then they either don’t want to get engaged or are very stupid.

Still, you don’t want to be too obvious and go ring shopping pointing out rings and saying you love them.

One slightly subtler idea is to talk about celebrity engagements and point out rings that celebs have on. Maybe remarking that you like that style or the color, etc.

It gets the topic of engagements out there. Shows them what types of rings you like, and should make them realize what you’re hinting at.


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Drop hints on social media

The modern age has brought many great things, and social media is one of them. It’s easily the best way to drop hints about anything to anyone.

Where engagements are concerned, all you have to do is retweet wedding posts on Twitter, like pictures of weddings and rings on Instagram, and so on.

Your partner will see all of this and think; hmm, they seem to be very interested in weddings lately. The effect is heightened when used alongside the other hints as well!

If you and your partner are both in the same head space, then these hints will be all they need to pluck up the courage and propose to you. If they don’t, then it might be time to have a meaningful talk about your relationship to see where the two of you are, and what the future might hold.

ways to hint you want to get engaged


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