A Guide To Raising Happy Children Even After Divorce

how to raise a happy child

If you have recently split with your partner, there is always a risk of the separation having a negative impact on the children. And it should be the primary goal for both parents’ to limit this as much as possible. Imagine how it must feel for your child when the only environment he or she has ever known is suddenly changed. And daddy is no longer the permanent fixture he once was. Then you can begin to understand how insecure this can make a child feel.


Arranging Child Care

Now that you are raising your child alone, it is very important that you continue with your life in every respect. This is an opportunity to resurrect your career or pursue a new interest. By finding a suitable day care centre nearby, you can have some time to yourself, which is essential. Aside from this, your child is almost ready to take that leap from home to pre-school. And with affordable day care in Melbourne, your child can explore their new surroundings and make new friends, while you take a much needed break. It might only be a few hours a day, but this will give you a rest from your parental duties. With clever time management, you can get an awful lot done during that time.

Regular Visits

 Your partner should have regular access to the children. After the initial shock of having one parent living elsewhere, the child will soon realize that they do in fact, get to see daddy as often as before. You and your partner should sit down and come to an agreement never to argue in the presence of the children. As this will certainly breed fear and insecurity, and whatever your disagreements, save them for when your child is not around. There are informative guides available online on how to help your children cope with a separation or divorce.

Set A Firm Routine

In most relationships, one of the parents tends to take the lead with discipline. For a single parent, this can be a problem if that was their partner’s role. You do need to be firm but fair with the children, otherwise things become more difficult. Setting up routines will ensure that the children know what is expected of them. By spending time with both mum and dad, the children will not feel they have lost anything (which they haven’t).

Of course, every child – and circumstance – is unique. But if both parents never lose sight of the fact that the children always come first, it is hoped that the separation won’t affect the children too much. And you can both move on to new chapters in your lives, while still retaining that essential family atmosphere.

how to raise happy children

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