29 Beautiful Spring Wreaths For Your Home

Spring is just around the corner, so it’s time to put away the winter decor pieces and start putting up some spring decors. See below for some beautiful spring wreaths you will definitely love.

Ideas for spring wreaths

Spring is naturally the season for all flowers to blossom and so for your spring wreaths, use flowers to accessorize and make the wreaths beautiful.

1. Yellow and purple orchid wreath

Orchids are one of the classic flowers that are in season when it[s spring. Here, this wreath is made using purple and yellow orchid flowers and both flowers make the wreath extra beautiful.

2. Yellow roses and butterflies

Rose is one flower that is in season all year round. Make your spring wreath using some yellow roses with some beautiful butterfly decals. Butterflies love flowers and spring means more flowers, so more butterflies. You can also add some beautiful and colourful ribbons to your wreath like the one above.

3. Mauve tulips

spring wreaths

Tulips is definitely one of the most popular flowers for spring. How gorgeous are these mauve tulip wreaths.

4. Twigs and leaves wreath

This is an eco friendly wreath as it uses natural leaves and twigs. But you can still use artificial leaves if that is your preference like this one.

5. Red tulips wreath

This gorgeous wreath is made with twigs and red tulips. And the red tulips make the wreath useful for different occasions. It can be used for christmas, valentine and spring season.

6. Blue and purple tulips

spring wreaths

This wreath is made with twigs and decorated with beautiful blue and purple tulips.

7. Leaves and mauve flowers wreath

Beautiful wreath made with twigs, leaves and mauve flowers.

8. Lavender wreath

You can also make your wreaths using lavender flowers. Lavenders are usually violet in colour and they are so fragrant. Hang them in your home to make your home smell amazing.

9. White flowers wreath

Make your spring wreaths using white flowers and brown twigs and brown leaves.

10. Pompom wreaths

pompom wreath

If you love pompoms, then you can add some pompoms to the flowers when making your spring wreaths. Pompoms are so fun.

11. Lemon wreath

What I like most about this wreath are the lemons used to decorate it. Making wreaths with flowers are common but adding a fruit in that is very unique.

12. leaves and purple bow

The purple bow tied to the side of this wreath makes it look a lot more interesting and beautiful.

13. White and pink peonies wreath

spring wreaths

Beautiful wreath made using white and pink peonies.

14. Bluebell wreath

This wreath has a lot more grapevines than flowers but it is still very beautiful.

15. Easter eggs wreath

easter wreath

As Easter is also almost here, you can make your wreath using some artificial shrubs and some Easter eggs. the pastel colours make these easter eggs even cuter.

16. Yellow and white tulips

Yellow is definitely the colour for spring. How gorgeous is this spring wreath made with yellow tulips?

17. Pink and orange tulips

Make a beautiful spring wreath using pink and orange tulips. They are colourful and will absolutely liven up your front door.

18. Orange flowers wreath

The orange flowers make this wreath stand out. It is a beautiful colour for a spring wreath.

19. Magnolia and pink

Another beautiful magnolia wreath with pastel pink peonies.

20. Pink peonies wreath

You can also make your wreaths using different shades of pink peonies. The deep and lighter shades together makes a beautiful and warm welcome wreath.

21.White and pink roses wreath

Another beautiful rose wreath made with twigs and white and pink roses. They are just so gorgeous and will make and front door pop.

22. Magnolia and white peonies

spring wreaths

The white peonies on the magnolia make this wreath simple and elegant, with a wooden hi sign to make it even more welcoming for your guests.

23. Magnolia and pink peonies

easter wreath

Another simple yet elegant wreath using magnolia and peonies.

24. Easter bunny wreaths

easter wreath

For Easter, you can make an Easter bunny wreath using twigs and decorate it with some ribbons and Easter eggs.

25.Two bunnies and an egg

easter wreath

This wreath is made using vintage garland in colours perfect for spring. With a yellow ribbon and two Easter bunnies holding an Easter egg on it. this is very adorable and perfect for spring and Easter.

26. Heart shaped wreath with roses

spring wreaths

Valentine’s day is past but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a heart shaped wreath. Decorate the heart shaped wreath with some purple roses like the one above.

27. Mickey mouse wreath

easter wreath

What we love most about this wreath is that it is shaped like mickey mouse. Make your own mickey mouse wreath this spring.

28. Flowers, Easter eggs and Easter bunny

easter wreath

This wreath is made with different types of flowers and different shades but that’s not all. There are also some Easter eggs and Easter bunny, just beautiful.

29. Limonium wreath

spring wreath

This wreath is made using dried sea lavenders. Lavenders are known for their strong fragrance, so it is advisable to dry them before using them for wreaths. It will still smell great, just not as strong as fresh flowers.

30. Pastel tulips wreath

If you love pastels and tulips, then you should try making your wreath from tulips in pastel colours like pastel pink and pastel green.

31. Cherry blossoms wreath

spring wreath

This cherry blossoms wreath looks so relaxing with its pink and white hued petals. Adorn your doors with this wreath.

32. Hydrangea wreath

spring wreath

Use grapevines and hydrangea flowers to make this beautiful wreath. With this wreath, the flowers only cover half of the wreath. It is made using pink and cream hydrangea.

34. Easter eggs and stars wreath

easter wreath

This wreath is made with twigs covered with yellow sheer organza ribbon and decorated with some stars and Easter eggs.

35. Peonies wreath

spring wreaths

We absolutely love this wreath made with blush and pink peonies. Hang it in front of your doors to welcome spring and of course, your guests.


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