5 Common Things That Affect Sleep

Take a look at your bedtime routine, you may be ruining your chances of having a sound sleep before your head hits the pillow. You may be practising some bad bedtime habits without even realizing. After all, most people do not think much about how bedtime routines can affect how their sleep.

In addition, bad bedtime habits can be associated with some health problems, so it is important to stop doing these things if you want to take proper care of yourself.

In your day to day life, you have to remember that the things you do during the daytime can also affect your sleep. Some daytime habits can do more harm to your sleep than good.

Below, we’ll take a look at 5 common things that affect sleep. Most of these are things we practise so often that they become normal part of our night time routine.

But they re actually bad bedtime habits that we need to put a stop to and adopt good bedtime habits to enable us get better sleep.

5 common things that affect sleep

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1. Late night eating

Eating dinner right before bedtime is a really bad bedtime habit as it’s not healthy for you. The act of indigestion could happen when you you go to sleep immediately after you have dinner. You may also be prone to heart burns especially when you lie down after you take your meal.

To be able to prevent such health problems from happening you need to have dinner early, at least 3 hours before bedtime. So that your body can have ample time to digest your meals rather than having indigestion which is harmful to your body.

2. Drinking alcohol before bed

A glass of wine or cocktail seems to be the perfect way to relax during the end of your day. Drinking alcohol will help you to fall asleep faster but it also leads to a couple of health problems. Alcohol will make you feel drowsy and that will make you fall asleep earlier than you normally would.

If you drive or operate a heavy duty machine at work drinking alcohol to help you have proper relaxation at night will make you feel slower and drowsy and it will increase your risk of hurting yourself at work.

3. Taking in stimulants

The things we take in at night can have big impact on our sleep. Stimulants like caffeine, coffee, soda drinks and others when taken in the evening can cause more harm than good. These foods stimulates your body and also keep you awake during the night.

To be able to have a good relaxation at night, you must avoid taking in such beverages in the evening. If you constantly take such beverages when you’re about to go to bed, it keeps you awake and eventually your body will not have enough rest and this can lead to fatigue and stress all the time.

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4. Warm rooms

Room temperature can also have massive effect on sleep habits. When you finds yourself in a warm ventilated room your body finds it difficult to adjust to the temperature in the room.

The human body has the ability to adjust to environment between the ranges of 60 to 68 degrees. If you’re unable to control your room temperature to a more conducive temperature, then sleeping is going to a problem.

It’s therefore important to rest in a well ventilated room so that you can be able to have a good rest. When you sleep in a warm room your body loses water and this water comes out from your body as sweat. If your bedroom is too warm consider getting an air conditioner to keep your room cool or you can also get a fan.

5. Staying up late at night

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Staying up late at night mostly affects your sleeping schedule. The reason is that, you may find it difficult to wake up on time in the morning. Staying up late at night usually makes you wake up feeling tired in the morning because your body didn’t have enough rest.

So you must avoid staying up late at night to help your body to have enough rest. It is not advisable to be working overnight because your health is an important thing. So when you have uncompleted tasks, don’t stay up late into the night to complete them before you go to bed.

In Conclusion

Most people have developed several poor sleeping habits as part of their busy lifestyle. But these poor sleeping habits have huge impact on their health. It is therefore important to develop proper bedtime habits to help you sleep better at night.

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