The Emotional Benefit Of Spring Cleaning

Now that Spring is well upon us, many people are in the middle of a full on spring clean, which is a great opportunity to renew and freshen up your home as well as your garden.  Yet, the benefits to cleaning your home are not limited to having a brighter, fresher, and healthier living space; having a deep clean can provide a great way to process and release emotions.

Moreover, it can be a fantastic way to feel ‘on top of things’ and when we feel more in control of our living environment we tend to feel more in control of our lives. And the more in control of our lives we feel the happier and more confident we become.  Indeed, a core component of confidence and self-esteem is that of feeling in control and on top of things.

Indeed, a spring clean is about so much more than physically cleansing your home due to this feeling of regaining control and having things in order which extends deep into your psyche.

Now, with regard to the process of The Great Spring Clean, there are five steps which are referenced below.



A cluttered house is known to lead to a cluttered mind and it does nothing for the aesthetic of your home either.  Decluttering your home is a natural precursor to the next step of getting organized as how can you get organized when there is clutter everywhere?


Now that you’ve decluttered your home, your next step is to get organized.  Most people require some form of order in their life to feel calm, centered, grounded and balanced on the inside.  This sense of emotional stability is closely linked to the feeling of order (as opposed to chaos) within your home environment.


Whether it’s removing the internal clutter from your house or removing garden waste it can take a lot of time and effort, which is why some people hire people to take care of this or they hire a van for a weekend and use this to cart rubbish to a local waste disposal unit.


The act of cleaning your home has clear practical benefits, for instance carpet cleaning will get a lot of the dirt, bacteria, pet hair, and other nasties out the carpets you and your family walk on, sit on, perhaps even crawl upon.

Yet there are significant emotional benefits to cleaning too.  It can be cathartic to go through your home and clean every corner of it, particularly if you’re wanting to emotionally cleanse the energy of your house.  If you were really wanting to go all out you could purchase some incense, or special sage that you burn and douse each room with the healing smoke. Also, you could put crystals in each room to absorb any negative energy.


Now that your home is fresher, more organised, less cluttered and more serene it’s time to replenish and revitalise your home.  For instance, it could be as involved as changing the carpets or painting the walls. Or as effortless as buying some new houseplants or freshly cut flowers. This will bring in extra colour, life, and freshness to your surroundings.

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