Top 5 Amazing Space Saving Furniture Ideas To Consider

space saving furniture

As these fresh hot trends are being broadly embraced in every corner of a home, the rent for these homes or apartments has also skyrocketed. The bigger the space, the more expensive the price is as well. This seems to be the perfect equation to describe the real estate fashion.

That’s why a lot of smart occupants settle for smaller spaces to fit their budgets. But smaller spaces compromise functionality. Sometimes there’s just no room to breathe (or stretch).

This is a major problem for occupants who like to, well, let’s just say – move around. Space saving furniture is here to save the day!

No more tripping on stuff that’s strewn on the floor because they don’t have a rightful place to “chill” in. And the best part is, they’re not only space-efficient but are also very stylish!

So if you’ve always wondered how you can fit everything in a cramped space, here are the top 5 amazing space saving furniture ideas to consider

5 Space saving furniture to consider

storage sofa

1. Storage Sofas

Let’s face it, sofas are probably one of the pieces of furniture that usually take up a lot of space save for your bed (which we’ll also get to later). And no matter how you want to incorporate a sofa in the area, sometimes deciding on where to put it is already challenging enough.

So a brilliant idea is *drum roll* get sofas that have storage underneath! All you have to do is just lift the seat up and voila; instant storage for your shoes, books, clothes, sheets, or your neighbours noisy cat! Kidding.

Aside, the advantage of using storage sofas is you can do away with bulky shelves or standing cabinets that take up monumental space!

murphy bed

2. Murphy Beds

The brilliant innovator, William Lawrence Murphy, was a genius for inventing this space-saving furniture! Murphy beds really give people a lot of open space when they’re not in use.

Not to mention, offer multi-functional rooms when pulled up. For example, a Murphy bed in your office can transform into a guest room in a snap of a finger (or a hand, literally). With so many Murphy beds to choose from, all of them mostly have sophisticated designs perfect for the sophisticated you!

sliding tier storage

3. Tiered Sliding Storage Carts

See those small spaces in between your shelves or furniture? Well, you can still use those by utilizing a tiered sliding storage cart. It’s perfect for those small things you need to temporarily stow away every now and then.

Its versatility is also unmatched; you can use it in every area in your humble abode. What about a place to hold your condiments in the kitchen?

wall mounted ironing board

4. Wall-Mounted Shelves or Ironing Boards

Wall-mounted furniture is now becoming a popular choice in small-space home designs. Ever wondered how you can store those paperbacks or figurine collection without taking up too much space? Mount them! I mean, mount the shelf which can hold them.

It’s a very stylish and organized way of keeping everything in apple-pie order. You can also do it with your ironing board since this isn’t used frequently then there’s really no need to flaunt this in your utility room.

folding desk
folding wall desk

5. Folding Wall Desks and Chairs

Seriously, these are must-haves in space-saving. Foldable wall desks and chairs give you a wide range of wall space to install them. Every wall area now becomes a valuable space for your office table, study table, or just an ordinary table for placing your food and drinks! And these are far from tacky, mind you. They’re elegant and functional at the same time!

Need to burn the midnight oil? Pull your desk down, and when you’re done, pull it back up and oh, where’d the desk go?

top 5 amazing space saving furniture ides


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