5 Eco-friendly Roof Options For Low Budgets

eco-friendly roof options

There is a strong movement among many people to be environmentally conscious. The rising threat of global warming and the devastation of a number of habitats around the planet have given many people pause to think about their impact. This is why many companies now are offering eco-friendly and sustainable products and this includes the roof in many of our homes.

1. Standing Seam

This is a very durable and long-lasting metal roof that is also fully recyclable. Anyone who is concerned about the environmental impact on the roofing material and its cost will be happy going with a standing seam roof.

You can increase the green factor of this roof by increasing the percentage of recycled content of the material. Its drawback, though, is it is a bigger upfront investment than asphalt shingles. And in areas where heavy snow is common during winter, standing seam might not be the best option. Snow on this roof easily slides down the sides creating snowdrifts around the perimeter of the house.

2. Cool Roof

Light and fits anyone’s budget, the white roof or cool roof is the perfect roofing material to keep the temperature inside the house cool. As the name suggests, it is painted in white to reflect much of the sun’s energy away to significantly keep things cool inside. This type of material is great for areas where seasons are mild or in tropical places.

There are two types of cool roof available: the darker shingles and white metal. The darker is great for temperature control but they are made from asphalt that’s almost impossible to recycle. The white metal roof is a more eco-friendly option.

3. Wood Shake (or shingle roof)

If you are keen on keeping things natural and green, then the wood shake or shingle roof option would be a better fit for your roof. They are made from wood that comes from sustainably grown forests. They offer a classic look to your home and it is a material that’s rather good at insulating against extreme temperatures.

One drawback is flammability. Since it is made from wood, this is an extreme fire hazard material and needs to be controlled in some areas. This is also a bit pricey, almost as pricey as metal roof. And they only last around 15 to 25 years.

4. Recycled-Content Shingle Roof

Amongst the selection, this is the truly eco-friendly and affordable roofing option. Many companies have now begun recycling different content and molding them into shingles to mimic different kinds of wood. These are a lot more sustainable than original material.

The processes in manufacturing these have been refined so much that the material is durable and strong. But since this is a fairly new material, there aren’t a lot of options in terms of colour. In a few years though, maybe this won’t be such a problem as new products are always being developed.

5. Reclaimed Clay

This is an option that offers durability and still looks stylish. And because they come from reclaimed clay, they are an eco-friendly alternative for your roof that won’t break the bank compared to original clay. It will give any home the Mediterranean feel to it, especially when paired with the right exterior paint.

They last longer than metal, and can even last up to 100 years with the proper maintenance. They are also great at keeping the house cool in summer and warm in winter. For an even greener option, go with salvage tile to keep them out of the landfills.

The drawback, they are rather expensive, costing twice compared to a metal roof. Although, you will get your money’s worth since they are so durable. Clay is also heavy so roof reinforcement is required which can add to the cost. Maintenance can also be a burden; you will have to replace broken and missing tiles every now and then.

low budget ecofriendly roof

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