6 Home Improvement Hacks For An Easy Life

Dealing with the day-to-day household chores can be pretty exhausting. If money wasn’t an issue,the easy way out would be to hire an expert every time you need something done.It can be as intricate as a paint job or as simple as a minor carpentry task.

For the do-it-yourselfers, all these will be as easy as pie knowing they’ve got a couple of simple and easy home improvement tips and tricks to get the job done. But don’t worry, we won’t leave you in the dark.

We’re going to let you in on these top 6 home improvement hacks for an easy life.

home improvement hacks to make your life easier

6 Home improvement hacks

1.  Hacks to Save Space

Not a lot of people are blessed with an enormous space. As much as possible, they can maximize their small space by using some of these brilliant space-saving hacks:

•    Install a flip-down desk. You’ll never know when you’ll need a desk for. Flip-down desks are versatile and can be used for studying, working or even dining!

•    Place corner shelves to maximize unused corners of your home.

•    No place for bedside tables? Grab some wall brackets and a piece of reclaimed wood and you’ve got yourself a bedside table.

2. Hacks to Keep Things in Place

It can be irritating trying to find something at home to no avail or doing some woodwork and hurting yourself in the process because the nail just wouldn’t stay in place. Here’s what you can do:

•    Remote controls are the easiest to lose at home. Glue a piece of Velcro at the back of the remote control and any place near the TV so you’ll know where to look next time.

•    Keep toothbrushes clean and organized by cutting a rectangular space in the bathroom cabinet’s edge – enough to fit each toothbrush.

•    Use a comb or a clothespin to keep a nail in place and keep your fingers safe while hammering.

3.  Hacks for Easy Painting

Painting can be a tedious task. You have to make sure it’s done perfectly or you’ll risk the paint job’s quality. You also have to deal with cleaning afterward. But you can do these for an easy-breezy task…

•    To save paint as much as you can, put a rubber band around the can to scrape excess paint after dipping every time.

•    Line your tray with foil or plastic to catch excess paint and avoid having to clean it up after as well.

•    To avoid cleaning paint drippings on the floor, place some old newspapers along the corners of the project area.

•    Wrap your paintbrush in plastic and put it in the fridge to prevent it from drying the next day.


4.  Hacks to Organize Stuff

Small, loose items are sometimes sprawled everywhere when not organized. And who thinks house cords haphazardly strewn on the walls and floors are so irksome to look at? Yup, me too. Here’s what you can do:

•    Use empty paper rolls and insert a couple of cords to bundle them together.

•    You can also use bread clip holders to label cords for easy usage.

•    For uber long cords, grab a piece of hanger, roll the cord, and stow away for storage.

•   For small, loose items like your keys,sunglasses, and coins, used tin cans are cheap home improvement organization hacks that serve as entryway dishes.


5.  Hacks for Effortless Cleaning

Whether you’re doing building projects or doing your normal household chores, it’s important to keep the house squeaky clean all the time. Here are the top home improvement cleaning hacks you can try:

•    Clean all sponges by popping them in the microwave oven for 30 seconds.

•    Grab an old plastic lid, cut a hole the size of your paintbrush handle, and insert the handle to catch paint drips.

•    Use a sticky note under the area you’re drilling to catch clouds of drill dust.

6.  Hacks to Make Tasks More Convenient

If you think household chores are hard, try these simple tricks to make your daily tasks convenient.

•    Use a carabiner to carry multiple grocery bags.

•    Tie a rubber band around the outside knob, latch bolt, and inside knob if you want a door open for the time being.

•    Stick a magnet at the bottom of the hammer so you’ll have easy access to nails while doing carpentry jobs.

Now that you know these simple and easy home improvement hacks, we bet you’re ready to take on any task. Good luck and enjoy!


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