What Is Body Positivity And How Can You Implement It?

“To love yourself right now, just as you are, is to give yourself heaven. If you start loving now, you start living now.” –

Alan Cohen

According to a report, 70% of women and 45% of men don’t like their bodies. It is a severe condition and is often referred to as distorted body image. If not paid attention to it on time, it can further lead to physiological distress, unhealthy eating behavior, and even eating disorders.

Therefore, it is high time that people start adopting the concept of body positivity and work towards a healthy future.


What is body positivity?

Body positivity is a movement that encourages people to love themselves, especially their body regardless of social and cultural beauty standards. Your size, shape, skin color, gender, etc., doesn’t matter at all. What matters is that you love and accept who you are.

Common goals of body positivity:

  • Accepting every body type.
  • Challenging society’s beauty standards.
  • Helping people feel comfortable and confident in their physical appearance.

It also aims to help people understand the social media propaganda of unrealistic body goals. Including how people should exercise, eat, wear clothes, etc. In simple terms, it promotes a healthy and realistic relationship with your own body.

Reason to adapt body positivity

There is no doubt that the way you feel about your body affects your mental health and well-being. In fact, for some people, it has become a parameter of self-worth.

However, it is not the ideal way of living. Understand that how you feel about your appearance is a subjective perception. It has no relation to reality. So, instead of focusing on the flaws, you need to accept them. Otherwise, you might develop absurd insecurities, which will later affect your overall well-being.


How to practice body positivity?

One thing that you must note here is that changing one’s perception requires consistent efforts. You CAN NOT achieve this mindset in a week or month. Instead, you have to take small steps every day to love and appreciate yourself and your body.

Positive affirmations

One of the easiest ways to practice body positivity and self-love is by saying positive affirmations. Several studies have shown that speaking good about your body every day in front of the mirror encourages body love. So, you should also give it a try.

If you are comfortable speaking about it (as of yet), you can write several encouraging and positive messages or mantras on sticky notes and paste them at different places in the house. These will act as a reminder and help you build self-confidence.

Example of positive affirmation note: “Work out because you love your body and not because you hate it.”

Give priority to being healthy

Many people start eating healthy food and working out because they want to get slimmer or gain weight. But, here’s the thing! There is nothing wrong with being skinny or fat unless it’s causing health issues. Your priority should be on becoming healthy. For that, you should create an exercise routine and eat healthily.

Also, remember there is no shortcut to good health. You have to work hard every day. However, you can take advantage of some herbal products such as essential oils, tea blends, organic herbs (such as ashwagandha, chamomile, or grape root powder) to improve your quality of life.

These products help in reducing stress, improving the immune system, and keeping blood pressure in check. Thus, you can enjoy a healthier and happier life.

Create a positive aura around you

According to a study, people who spend a lot of time on social media unconsciously develop a negative body image about themselves. It is because they expose themselves to the social beauty norms and tend to feel bad about their own appearance, leading to insecurities.

Understand that you will easily find people who will point out your flaws. However, you need to remind yourself that your flaws are actually the features that make you different from everyone else.

You have to create a positive aura around you. Surround yourself with people who love you for who you are and encourage you at every step. Cut as much negativity as you can from your life and start feeling good about yourself.

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Stop comparing yourself

Every person is unique in their own way. So, you need to stop comparing yourself with others. Just imagine how life would be if every person looked the same? Boring, right? You need to learn to admire the way you look.

Also, keep in mind that your capabilities and skills will help you grow and not the way you look. So, you must RESPECT YOUR BODY and pamper it. Follow a regular self-care routine. It could be drinking herbal tea every morning or trying out an organic skincare routine. There are endless options available to value your body and stunning features.

Say no to negative self talk

Negative self-talk is a big NO! You must keep this rule in your mind forever. No matter how hard it is or how bad/insecure you are feeling about yourself. You must not criticize yourself. Treat your body like your best friend. Just like how you will never hurt your best friend by saying something they are insecure about. You shouldn’t say anything to yourself.

Instead, you need to find something good about it. For instance, if you are insecure about your weight, but you can dance beautifully. You need to focus on your dancing skills and let them overpower your insecurities. Believe it or not, but this trick will really help you look at the positive aspects of yourself.

Focus on personal growth

Last but not least, you need to focus on your personal growth instead of insignificant insecurities. Remember that you are much more than just your body or appearance. So, stop trying to fix something which you are “assuming” to be bad. And start working on your overall personality and developing skills that will help you succeed in life.

Wrapping it up!

Keep in mind that your body is doing what it is designed for. The outer appearance is insignificant. So, you need to work on staying healthy both physically and mentally. And for that, you must follow a healthy and positive lifestyle.

What Is Body Positivity And How Can You Implement It?

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