18 Powder Room Decorations To Try

One of the most fun places in the home to decorate is the powder room. It doesn’t take up a lot of room, so it’s the ideal place to try out bold colors and attractive mirrors, lights, and fixtures. You can also paint your powder room in any color you want.

This room is usually for guests when they want to freshen up. So you have to decorate it with your guests in mind.

Unlike a bathroom, the powder room doesn’t have a shower or a bathtub. It only has a toilet and a sink, so it doesn’t take much room in the home. All you’ll need are mirrors, lights, and fixtures, as well as any type of paint color, to complete your powder room.

Powder Room Decor

powder room decor
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powder room decor
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powder room decor
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powder room decor
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powder room decor
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powder room decor
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