Bathroom Makeover Inspo? Here You Go

Bathrooms are one of the most luxurious rooms in the house, but they don’t always shine. Toothbrushing, hair brushing, doing makeup, beard trimming, leg shaving… all of the personal care takes place in the bathroom. But so do the relaxing moments. The singing to your favourite song in the morning shower, relaxing in a bath and flicking through a new book in the evenings.

But you can begin to get a little bored of your bathroom being so functional. So, perhaps you should think about adding a little bit of fun in there too. Bathroom makeovers can be very budget friendly, or more extravagant depending on what you want.

Bath Time

Treat yourself to some luxe smelling and feeling bath bombs. Jasmine, vanilla and lavender are great for relaxing. Find one that is extra bubbly and take a long soak. If your bath isn’t great, then consider the bathrooms with clawfoot tubs that you see in the movies and adverts. They look stunning and might be the perfect investment for you and your bath time.

Basthroom decor

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Having a couple of intensely scented candles is an excellent way for your bathroom to not be rampant with toilet smells, the slight damp some bathrooms can get and will smell, without being lit for a while.

Yankee candles, Neom, and even IKEA candles are great for this. Of course, if you are about to plunge into a hot bubbly bath – lighting a few will add to that cosy atmosphere.

Cute candle holders can give a kitsch or classy touch depending on your personal style too. Coppers, hammered metals, and glass are easy to clean.

bathroom makeover


Add some fake plants into your bathroom for a quick pop of nature. If you are more nature-minded then maybe opting for a few real plants is a better option.

They keep the air clean, look fantastic and is something you are likely to see in many of the home inspiration magazines. If you have plain walls right now, a jade green can look really luxe and fresh. Make sure you use bathroom paint though!


Swap out your current shower curtain, bath mat and dishes for something else. Monochrome, or as mentioned above, copper, give a stunning and easy to maintain a touch of elegance.

If you are more into the natural materials, then you can add some wicker woven baskets to store your bottles, and treated wooden soap and toothbrush holders. Make sure that they all match well, and you will need to do little else to keep it looking well designed.


A clean bathroom will always look neat and beautiful. Spend one day a week really going to town on the place. You don’t have to use harsh chemicals if you don’t want to.

Baking soda, vinegar and some lemon juice will do the trick for almost any grime you can find in the bathroom. Pay extra attention to the toilet bowl. They often get used and forgotten about, but a scrub when needed and then every other day will be enough to stay on top of it.


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