Tips For Creating A Neutral Nursery For Your Baby

neutral nursery

Decorating the baby’s nursery is one of the more exciting parts of being pregnant. When you start to get everything together and choose a colour scheme, furniture etc., things can start to feel more real as you eagerly await the arrival of your newborn.

While traditionally, nurseries were either decorated pink or blue depending on what you were having, a more neutral decor scheme is becoming more popular.

Whether you know the sex of the baby or not, a neutral nursery will give you more options and ensure your nursery can be kept the same if you have more kids in the future.

To help you create a beautiful space to welcome your baby, here are some tips on how to decorate a neutral nursery.

How to design a neutral nursery

Keep walls light and bright

Painting the walls a neutral, clean color is a great place to start with your nursery. Not only will it make it easier to match furniture to it, but it will also create an open and airy space.

White is a popular choice as it keeps everything looking fresh and clean. You can try some off-white shades if you find white too overpowering. Provided the curtains can block out enough light, there’s no reason why you can’t have lovely bright walls to enjoy during the day.

Add a pop of colour or a pattern

While neutral walls look great, having some kind of colour pop or pattern will keep the room interesting, it is for your child after all. Look at bright colours such as reds, greens, oranges and yellows that will look great in your nursery as either soft furnishing or as an accent wall.

Bringing in patterns or designs such as animal motifs can also break up plain walls. If you want to keep your nursery age-neutral to ensure continued use as your child gets older, you’ll want to think carefully about any patterns or drawings used on the walls.

Choose natural, stylish furniture

There are plenty of stylish furniture items you can use to create a modern nursery for your baby. It’s worth taking a look at Woood furniture & kids beds for some ideas on items you can buy that feature natural colour schemes and beautiful natural finishes.

Furniture made from wood is easy to assemble, easy to move and is long-lasting, and will easily fit into your neutral decor scheme.

Add simple DIY touches

There are some amazing things you can make for your baby’s nursery. You could make a colourful rug out of old t-shirts or even some things to put on the walls using old pieces of wood or fabrics that you no longer need.

Making a baby mobile is also a great way to save on costs. You can also use all-natural materials to create something that fits in with your decor. Creating your own nursery items adds a personal touch, and will give you some things to keep busy with during those final few months of your pregnancy.

A neutral nursery makes a beautiful addition to your home, the perfect way to welcome your baby and give them a great start to their new life. With so many great places to get inspiration from such as Pinterest or Instagram, you’ll find plenty of ideas to help you get started.

how to create a gender neutral nursery


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