20 Creative Pumpkin Decors For Your Home

Nothing can be left out as far as the Halloween tradition is concerned. That is why it is necessary to include tips on how to decorate a pumpkin for Halloween this year.

Before you start painting, find a pumpkin that is fairly smooth and give it a nice clean. You can paint your pumpkins with brilliant colors and patterns, as well as using non-conventional tools to substitute the traditional carved faces.

You can then use your pumpkin to decorate your home. If you are not a crafty person, you can still decorate your home with pumpkins by buying already carved pumpkins.

Aside from carved pumpkins, you can also use fabric pumpkins and knitted pumpkins to decorate your home. These pumpkins also come in different colors and patterns and after Halloween, you can store them for use next Halloween.

Below are some pumpkin decor ideas for your home to inspire your home decor this Halloween.

Pumpkin decor ideas

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