Why We All Need A Break Once In A While

need a break

There will always be times in our lives where we feel overwhelmed, tired and burnt out. It is a part of life and something which can make life very awkward for us all when we have to balance work and home life.

Today we are going to talk about why you should take a break right now. And why you need to take a break every few weeks for your health.


Better memory

If you are having a stressful time, the best thing you can do is actually go for a nap. Sleeping is our body’s way of relaxing and resetting after the day is over. And sleep can also help our mind to rest and recuperate for the next day.

If you don’t get enough sleep, you may start to see an issue with your motivation and your memory. Memory is the brain’s job. If your brain is exhausted it won’t be able to retain information as you want it to. Get to bed, get some sleep and you will see a big difference in your memory.

Control stress

Stress is the bane of every adult’s life. It is something which can end up causing mental issues in far too many of us. If you want to avoid mental issues and physical health issues, you need to think about taking a break from life for a while to avoid stress.

If things have been hectic at work, take a break away somewhere. Enjoy your time away from real life for a while. This can be a great way to eliminate stress and you will go back to work feeling fresh and ready to take on challenges.

You’ll be happier

Life shouldn’t be about working ourselves into the ground. Life should be about living to the fullest and enjoying every single second we have. If you are struggling with working life, take a holiday and visit somewhere you’ve always wanted to go.

If you have always wanted to try 24 hr Las Vegas Marijuana, do it! Have a break and make a point to enjoy yourself every second. Life is about having fun, so make sure you make time to have fun.


When we work ourselves into the ground day after day, our body and our mind will start to suffer. When you go for a long period without a holiday or a small break, you will end up struggling with your productivity.

When you have been working non stop your mind and your body will become tired and this can lead to you struggling to be as productive as you once were. This can in turn have an effect on your working life and you will end up burning out completely.

If you want to be able to stay productive at work and in life, you have to take a break regularly and take that time out of your schedule to go and relax for a while. When you come back you will be ready to get back on the horse and start over again.

why you need a break


  1. July 6, 2018 / 6:21 pm

    Who knew that taking a break leads to a better memory! Maybe I’m taking too many breaks because my parents say I have a memory that could last to the Before Common Era days lol! One thing I especially like about your blog is that you always have a nice combination between tips that we’ve heard at one point or another and tips that we have never heard of! With both, however, you fully explain the reasoning on WHY it is and that is why each of your posts are so powerful! Have a great weekend!


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