Keeping Your Home Cool This Summer

how to keep your home cool

If you are a keen gardener, summer is probably the highlight of your year. It’s when all of your hard work starts to come to fruition. Your herbs, fruits and vegetables begin to grow. Your garden is full of colour, your grass is luscious and healthy. And your trees and shrubs start to grow at a crazy rate.

It takes a lot of work to keep your garden in check over summer. But each morning when you look at the wildlife you are attracting, the fruits that will soon need harvesting and the splashes of colour that you have added to your small space, it can be well worth it.

But what about your home? After a long day in the garden, the last thing that you want is to come into a stiflingly hot house, where you can’t relax and cool down, or even get a good night’s sleep. Fortunately, there is plenty that you can do to keep your home cool and comfortable.

How to keep your home cool

Use Your A/C

Most homes in America have air conditioning of some kind. Yet not everyone uses it. You hear excuses like it’s too loud, it costs too much to run, and even it feels funny. Often, if your A/C is noisy or costing more to run than you might expect, it’s time for an A/C replacement, which is absolutely worth it to keep your home cool.

Keep the Decor Light

A dark room, filled with dense textures, bulky accessories and moody lighting might be atmospheric, or even romantic. But it will not be cool. In fact, it will hold heat and make you feel much hotter. For a crisp and fresh home, keep the decor light. Pale walls like light blues, creams and pale purples are ideal. They make your rooms feel bigger and airier.

If you want to add some colourful touches, while keeping things bright, bring in some nature. Pick some flowers from your garden and bring them in. Add bright colours with your other accessories and try to keep textures light, both in colour and material.

Hide from the Sun

In the winter, we try to maximize sunlight, opening our curtains or blinds when our rooms are in direct sunlight to warm them. In the summer, you can do the opposite, close blinds when rooms are in the direct sun, to keep them cool.

Turn the Oven Off

Salads are perfect in the summer. Firstly, they are light and cool themselves. But, they also mean that you don’t need your oven on, warming your rooms for hours. Try to stick to cold food on very hot days, or at least things that can be cooked quickly.

Change Your Bedding

Stick to light cotton sheets and pillowcases, avoiding silks and satins which can be uncomfortable when hot.

Keep Yourself Cool

Whatever you do with your home, you won’t feel cool if you are wearing thick or tight clothes and not drinking enough water. Keep yourself cool with sips of ice-cold water and light, loose-fitting layers.

how to keep your room cool

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