How To Build Your Confidence

We’ve all been there. At one point in our lives, we all feel like we do not have the confidence to do something. Because we feel we aren’t good enough or we feel someone can do a better job than us. So we don’t do it at all and sometimes, even when we find the courage to do whatever it is, our lack of confidence holds us back and we aren’t able to give it our all and achieve the desired results.

But the good news is that confidence is a skill and that means it can be learnt and developed.

how to be confident

Here are 4 ways to build your self confidence

1. Accept yourself

This is the first and most important step in being self confident. Accept yourself for who you are and show yourself some love. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Accept your flaws. Accept your shortcomings. Accept your strengths. Accept them all. They make you who you are.

2. Focus on improving yourself

Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Focus on yourself and improving yourself. You are not in competition with anyone. You don’t have to be better than anyone. You only have to do better than you always do. So once you’ve recognized and accepted yourself, you should not compare yourself to others. That will only make you feel insecure. Instead, think of ways you can improve yourself and work on those.

how to boost your confidence

3. Stay away from negative people

Again, let go negative people in your life. You don’t need people who only see your flaws. You don’t need people who are always judging you. You don’t need people who are always telling you, you are not good enough.

What you need in your life is positivity. You need cheerleaders. You need people who will encourage you. People who will help you soar higher and achieve your goals. Not people who will make you insecure about everything.

4. Look the part

Yeah, it is that simple. Just look confident and you will feel confident. If you want to be confident, look like it and act like it. Smile, sit upright, stand tall, exercise. Your appearance has everything to do with how you feel. So you have to look a way that makes you feel confident.

Eat right. Drink more water. Exercise your body and most importantly smile. Get a personal makeover. Nothing over the top. Just a little to boost your confidence.


When you are interacting with people, maintain eye contact, use your hands, speak with confidence. Even if you don’t feel confident, speak like you do. Fake it till you make it.

People will believe in you once they see you believe in yourself. That is why confident people get whatever they want. The way they present themselves, their body language and their appearance. You can smell the confidence from miles away and that is how they are able to get the contract or the job or the girl.

Once you believe in yourself, once you have that confidence, everything else will fall into place. So follow these easy steps to build your confidence.

Also, here are 6 daily habits to boost your confidence

  1. Write 3 positive affirmations and stick them where you can see everyday.
  2. Set mini goals and record your accomplishments.
  3. Do the Superman/ Wonder Woman stance everyday
  4. Make an effort to dress for success
  5. Remember to always sit straight and stand tall.
  6. Meditate (Have a mantra)
build your confidence

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