4 Habits That Are Stealing Your Happiness

When it comes to happiness, that is being truly happy, it solely depends on yourself. Not on anyone or anything. To be genuinely happy is all about you. Most at times, we make the mistake of thinking that someone or something is the reason we are not happy. But the truth is happiness is a choice. We pick up certain habits and do certain things that affect our happiness without even realizing it.

habits that are stealing your happiness

So  in this article, we are going to discuss 4 habits that are stealing your happiness. These are habits you need to let go if you truly want to be happy.

1. Comparing

One of the reasons why most of us aren’t happy is just for the sole reason that we compare ourselves to others. You compare yourself to someone and you don’t understand why they are successful at something and you are not. Comparing breeds envy. And when you are envious of others, you fill your heart with bitterness.

It’s okay to admire other people’s wealth or success but don’t compare that to yours and be jealous of them. Let them inspire you, don’t make them a competition.

Now with social media, we get a glimpse into the lives of others and it makes us feel bad for our own life. Because we think they have it better than us. But the thing is what people let you see is what they want you to see. You might even be doing well than most of these people.

So don’t compare yourself to others.




habits to let go if you truly want to be happy

2. Focusing on problems

We all have problems. As I sit here typing this, I am at a point in my life that everything seems to be going downhill for me. And that’s okay. Such is life. The bad times are there and at a point we all experience it. But if I should just sit at my desk and think about why me and why is nothing working out for me, that won’t solve anything. I’m just going to spend all day thinking about the problem and the next day, the problem will still be there.

Instead of focusing on the problems, channel your energy on the positive things in your life. Do something useful. So I won’t sit here and think. Instead, I’m going to forget about my problems and just work on my blog. Why? Because this is my job and I love doing it. And blogging makes me happy.  Eventually things will fall into place. Thinking of your problems all the time isn’t going to solve your problems.


3. Failure to forgive

The best thing you can do for yourself is to learn to accept the apology which you never received. Holding on to something someone did to you will only steal your happiness. Most of the time, the one who offended us is not even thinking about it and is happily living their life. So why let what someone did to you affect you so badly? Don’t give people that much power over you. Forgive. Let it go.


4. Not loving yourself

How can you be truly happy when you don’t even love yourself? You look in the mirror and you hate what you see. You say bad things to yourself. You tell yourself you are not good enough. You call yourself dumb. You call yourself ugly. How can you be happy when you do these to yourself? Learn to love yourself. Be nice to yourself. Embrace who you are and you will be very happy. Tell yourself some positive affirmations everyday. Trust me, they work.


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