Beat Procrastination With These Easy Tips

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Have you asked yourself why do I procrastinate? We all procrastinate at some time or another. What at all is Procrastination?

Procrastination is avoiding a task that needs to be done.

Why do we procrastinate

It becomes very difficult to beat procrastination if you do not know the reason why you procrastinate. The reasons why we fail to accomplish tasks ahead of us may be lack of adequate equipment to complete the work. When you lack resources that will help you in completing a certain task, you will always postpone.

The second one is how unpleasant you find the task to be, we sometimes see certain duties to be boring , therefore we avoid doing them.

The last one is fear of failure. When we lack self-confidence. When you have the fear of failing a certain task, it turns off your morale, and will always find yourself avoiding the task.

Now that you know the reasons, here are easy tips to help you beat procrastination.

ways to beat procrastination

Tips to beat procrastination

Go to bed early:

If you don’t go to sleep early, you can’t wake up early to attend to your duties. This is one of the things you must start doing now in order to beat procrastination. Go to bed early so that can wake up early fully refreshed and prepared for the day’s task.

Setup a reminder:

Get a reminder to control your day activities. It will help apportion your time properly to your duties and will also help you to manage your  time effectively. By setting up a reminder, you will know when to go about your duties effectively without jumping into other periods you should have used to complete other tasks.

Be ready for the tasks:

If you are not really prepared for a certain, you can never achieve good results. Plan for obstacles because you may face challenges as you go about these tasks but be determined to overcome them. Stop relying on others, it will always set you back in life.

State a goal for each day:

Write down the things you would like to accomplish at the end of each day and work towards them. This will help you to work harder whenever you pull out the list, you will know there is more to accomplish for the day.

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Get off social media

Social media can be very distractive if you are addicted to it. People can be on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram the whole day without attending to normal house chores. What happens if you have dreams to accomplish? If you are addicted to social media, deactivate your account so that it can help you concentrate on your dreams.

Get a break:

We procrastinate because we try to do so many things at a goal, which shouldn’t be so. Identity the key ones and work towards them first. Because every little thing takes time to complete. Have a flexible schedule so you can sometimes go to the cinema or a place of relaxation to help you renew your energy and keep you refreshed. With this, work becomes less stressful.

Encourage yourself:

We are always set back in life because we always think we can’t do things perfectly or some tasks are difficult. Don’t settle your mind that you are lazy, replace those negative thoughts with positive ones and tell yourself “I can do it!!” It encourages you towards achieving your goals.



  1. February 20, 2019 / 5:03 pm

    Oh my…I’m the worst! My husband makes lists and works through them methodically and I hate lists 🙁 These are great tips and I agree that identifying why you don’ t want to do something is key!


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