7 Easy Ways To Instantly Improve Lighting

Good lighting in establishments is a crowd-puller. It’s no surprise why people are lured into hotels, malls, or any commercial space that has perfect lighting. We may see those overhead light bulbs as mundane things that provide illumination, but in reality, it has a subliminal effect on our wellbeing.

For instance, people in the workplace can perform better with good lighting. One’s productivity is amplified when the lighting provides an energetic and positive aura. The same applies in a home. Good lighting instantly improves the overall aesthetics of a room and enhances a person’s mood.

If you no longer find the inspiration from your lighting at home, maybe it needs a bit of tweaking.

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Here are seven easy ways to improve your home lighting and have a better mood throughout the day.

1. Switch to LED lights.

First and foremost, incandescent lights not only jack up your utility bill but they’re very harmful to the environment because of the metal-emitting components they contain. In addition, only 5 percent of the energy is converted into light; the other 95 percent is turned into heat.

Switching to LED lights will improve overall lighting. They also exude lower greenhouse emissions. Furthermore, they cut your utility bills by 80%, and they’re incredibly durable as well, lasting up to 100,000 hours of usage.

2. Automate lighting controls.

Manual sensors can sometimes be troublesome, especially if you’re a hectic homeowner. Switching lights on and off every time can be tedious. One way to improve your lighting efficiency at home is to install motion sensors. These motion-sensing light switches ensure that no light is left on, especially if everyone’s out the entire day.

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3. Mix up your lighting types.

Mixing up your lighting installations will create more balanced and suitable lighting in every room of your home. It’s essential to know the four basic types and how they are beneficial for the overall outcome.

•    Ambient lighting is the primary lighting of a home. It usually creates a dispersed and even lighting on a particular area. Some examples are wall lighting fixtures, ceiling-mounted lighting fixtures, chandeliers, track lights, or recessed lights.

•    Task lighting is excellent in offices or any workstations at home. Its primary purpose is to provide better contrast by developing illumination.

•    Accent lighting is used to showcase a specific artifact, painting, a decorative nook, or a plant. Some examples are track lighting, lamps, recessed lights, flood lights, or wall sconces.

•    Wall lighting is more of a decorative element. However, it also provides safety in darker areas of the house and highlights interior designs and other home features.

4. Add dimmer controls.

Dimmer controls are perfect for quick light adjustments. Sometimes having guests around will require brighter or gloomier light depending on the type of occasion. Or even homeowners change up the brightness levels depending on their mood. Dimmer controls will allow you to do that without the need for more lighting installations fit for several circumstances.

5. Make sure lighting is installed correctly.

You can have the most beautiful chandelier, but if it’s placed too high or too low over your dining table, the outcome won’t be too efficient. Ensure that you know the proper lighting engineering.

For instance, chandeliers should be 30 inches away from the table’s top plank. Wall sconces should be 66 to 72 inches from the floor too. However, you may have to adjust accordingly if the people in your home have heights like giants!

6. Open your rooms to natural light.

Make minute changes to your windows, curtains, doors, furnishing, mirrors, and even paint colors. Natural light like sunlight is always the best option as it creates a happy sense of wellbeing.

7. Light up your stairways, pathways, and patios.

Safety should be a top priority when improving your home and office lighting. We can be too focused on beautifying the interiors without even thinking that people go through the exterior first. Beautiful lighting on your pathways, patios, or home entrance will add to that curb appeal. Lighting up your stairways also keeps everyone safe, especially if you have children and seniors around the house.


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  1. May 20, 2019 / 7:00 pm

    My son-in-law introduced me to the new Edison lights. Now I am seeing them everywhere. He and my daughter are in the process of buying a new house and all of the homes they are viewing have unique lighting fixtures. Great post.

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