Date Ideas For Couples On A Budget

Even after several years of marriage or a relationship, it’s still so important to continue going on dates with your partner. Being able to feel like teenagers in love all over again is a beautiful experience, but it can often be quite taxing on your bank account.

Managing money as a couple isn’t easy, it’s unlikely that dates are factored in. But with these amazing ideas, you can treat your loved one to some of the best days together without spending a small fortune!

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Why It’s Important

Communication in a relationship is of paramount importance. However, it’s often hard to get the message across when you have a house full of kids and a busy working schedule. Creating some time just for you and your partner will give you both the opportunity to talk more openly and comfortably with one another.

Another benefit of spending more quality time with one another is the aspect of increased commitment to the relationship, as this will allow you to take a break from the stresses of daily life to really get to know each other a little better.

For The Child Inside You

If you and your partner get a little envious of your children’s activities when you take them out to play, try them yourselves! Don’t be afraid to get a bit silly and plan something fun for you both to do together. Get some discount Disneyland tickets so you can have an action packed day without its usual painful price tag.

Opting for a nostalgic and more childish date idea, you can release some stress and responsibility from your shoulders and dedicate some time to losing yourselves in the joy of feeling younger again.

date ideas on a budget

Something More Natural

Nothing says serenity like exploring the great outdoors. If you and your loved one struggle to find peace and quiet at home, head to a national park or area of a natural beauty like a forest or waterfall. These wonders are free to visit, and the quietness and isolation should help in bringing you closer together.

Make a packed lunch and bring it along with you to save some extra money whilst also being able to show a little more effort if you get some foodstuffs they really like too.

Season Dependent

There are several date ideas that are specific for certain seasons in the year. For winter: wrap up warm and make some hot cocoa to take inside a thermo container, then head out to a frozen lake to spend some time skating (falling) around together without spending a thing.

For summer: head to the very same lake, but this time hire a canoe and drift around whilst the sunshine reflects on the water lapping around you both. The different times of year offer their own beneficial traits, so make the most of these and incorporate them into your date ideas.


Going to a restaurant with your partner can be a painfully expensive experience. It’s not a good feeling to pick your meals based on their prices either, and it can really dampen the atmosphere of night.

However, by doing a little research beforehand, you can be more cost conscious and look for some voucher codes or special offers and save money whilst still being able to head to the restaurant and order everything you usually would want.

Opt for a weeknight if you would like a more intimate evening, as weekends are often extremely busy periods and you may get a more cold and impersonal evening.

Staying In

Although this may seem like a rather dull and somewhat effortless option, having the day or night at home can be a really fun experience if you make it that way.

Cooking together can really bring some passion and fire to the table, but making a few courses for your partner without their help can really make them feel valued and special (and they’ll definitely return the gesture at some point too!).

Get some nice bath foam and scented candles to transform your bathroom into a spa capsule for the evening and bring the mood down a few notches for the ultimate relaxation.

Hopefully these recommendations should help you figure out how to plan some amazing dates that aren’t too testing on your bank. It’s the small details that matter when it comes to making these ideas personal and suitable for you and your partner. So think about both of your joys and passions and do a little research to find out what opportunities you have.


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