5 Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas

February is here and everyone is thinking about Valentine’s day already. Valentine is the day couples show love to each other and remember their best moments together. People have made their plans on where to spend the day and whom to spend it with.

Thinking about proposing to the love of your life? Not too sure about the best place to propose or best day to do it? Valentine’s day is one of the best days to propose because this day will give you unforgettable memories together.

Proposing to someone you love can be your happiest day ever but it can also be ruined if she says no to your proposal. So make sure your partner feels the same way you feel about them before you try proposing to them in public or among your friends.

Now, your mind might be full of thoughts and you wouldn’t know which ones will be the best. In this article are some Valentine’s day proposal ideas for you!

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5 Valentine’s day proposal ideas

Breakfast proposal

Who doesn’t love morning surprises? Everybody does right? So why don’t you make your proposal special and simple. Try to wake up early in the morning and and serve her breakfast.

Go to the kitchen and prepare some breakfast for her in bed. And put the ring somewhere in the breakfast. Then wake her up to eat. Treat her like a queen and let that day be full of romantic activities. This will save you much money and save you from the crowd if you are a shy type.

In the midst of your friends:

Invite your close friends to meet up in  your house and invite her over. Get some alphabet balloons to spell “ Will you marry?” and prepare dinner in the house with your friends. It isn’t a big deal if you are not good at cooking. There are so many restaurants who do food delivery. Call them to deliver her best food to you in the house before she comes around.

You can light up the room with candles and turn off the lights immediately she enters and propose to her. Confess your love to her in front of your friends and hers and at least feed her!

Outside her house as she prepares to go out:

Invite her over to dinner and propose to her. Make sure you get well dressed and get to her place before she gets ready for dinner. As she steps down from her house or room, kneel down with the ring and ask the question, “ Will you marry me?” or probably say “ Marry me Michelle” She won’t hesitate to say Yes! Because nothing is much pleasing than a boyfriend you love take you to the altar.

valentine's day proposal ideas

At the restaurant or hotel room:

This is the best idea if you are a type that likes to give a classic or unique touch to everything you do. There are so many event planners around. Get one to decorate a hotel room or restaurant for you and invite friends and family around to witness as you confess your love to her.

You can hide the ring inside  the drawer in the hotel room or even on a plate with a written note. This costs, and if you are not that type who’s willing to spend money, you can go by the other ways and still make your proposal a memorable one.

At the shopping mall:

If you are a type that likes to see the crowd cheer you up, you can go for this. Go shopping with her and present the ring to her in the midst of the people, it would be embarrassing if she turns your proposal down. But as long as you know your partner is expecting this, then you are good to go.

At the first spot you met:

This will bring memories about how you started and how your relationship has improved now. Propose to her with some chocolates and go see a movie. Or go to the house and have time for yourself, eat dinner together, play with pillows and try some video games if you both like it.


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