Termite Extermination: Protecting Your Home from These Nasty Pets

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Termites are agents of destruction in homes all over the world. These pests infect all kinds of properties, causing structural damage and health problems.

According to Critters Pest Management, there are over 350 species of termites in Australia, 40 of which have achieved pest status. They attack and ruin almost one out of five houses in the country, including those in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. You’ll find them nesting in boxes, drywall, and furniture.

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Damage caused by termites

Depending on the extent, the damage caused by termites can make your home unlivable or force you to spend on expensive repairs. When you see the following signs in your property, it means you have a termite infestation:

  • Doors and windows that are hard to open
  • Hollow-sounding timber
  • Quiet banging sounds from walls
  • The presence of flying termites
  • Tunnels in wood
  • White ants
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Getting rid of termites in your home

Protect your property from these nasty pests with proactive termite control. Here are several ways you can keep your house termite-free:

Inspect your house regularly

Termites exist in your house without your knowledge. Some of them nest underground or inside the wooden parts of your home. You wouldn’t notice them until you start seeing the damage in your house.

Prevent major termite infestation by hiring a pest control operator. These companies inspect your entire home, from the living room to the loft, to determine infestation and extent of the damage.

Choose the best termite treatment

A variety of termite treatments can potentially solve your termite problem, but take the time to research so you’ll find the most effective treatment. Conventional chemical treatments include:

Liquid insecticides:

They are the most common form of termite treatments, often used to treat wooden structures and areas around the house’s foundation.

Imidacloprid granules:

This type of termite treatment is best on soil, usually around the wooden structures of a foundation.

Spray-can termite treatments:

Some spray-can treatments work for up to four weeks. Others, like the Termidor® foam, are slow-acting but are best used for spraying in hard-to-reach places of the home.

Consider natural termite treatments

Remember that some of these termite treatments contain chemicals that might be harmful to your family and pets. You might want to consider natural treatment methods like borax and nematodes.

Exposing termites to direct sunlight can also kill them in a matter of minutes. If you see a termite nest on your furniture, logs, or other things, take them out to the sun. If the termites have reached areas you can’t take out of the house, shine UV lamps directly on the nest.

Maintain your landscape

Even if you’ve done pest control in your house, termites can come back after some time. Keep the wooden parts of your home, such as the timber decking, clean and dry.

Remove deadwood, tree stumps and leftover tree roots right away because they attract termites. Trim your shrubs and don’t put mulch against your house when taking care of plants.

Termite infestations cause structural damage to your property, forcing you to spend on expensive repairs. By taking early measures to prevent them, you’re protecting your home and your family from these pests.


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    My family will be spending our vacation at my brother’s beach house and I want to make sure that we’re as pest-free as possible during our stay. It was very helpful when you suggested taking a look at the surrounding trees for any deadwood or stumps because we have a couple of trees at the back part of the beach house that we haven’t been paying attention to and it wouldn’t hurt to be extra safe and check them out. I’ll be sure to call a termite control service to double-check the beach house before we settle in. Thank you for your article!

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