5 Spending Rules To Follow

It feels great to be financially confident. If you are always looking forward to boost your savings, beware of your expenditure. Being financially stable is a very difficult task to fulfil. But with perseverance and hard work , you can achieve that goal.

It will become hard for most of us if we are to budget everything we do because we live like there’s no tomorrow. But every step you take in life must be planned before being executed. Planning the things you need will help you not to spend over your budget.

spending rules to follow

Here are 5 Spending Rules To Follow;

1. Pay off your debts first:

It is always hard to save if you are in debt. Do not spend all your income on expenses leaving your debts behind. Cater for them first before you plan to spend. Learn to cater to all your outstanding bills before you plan on budgeting.

2. Investment:

This involves foregoing the consumption of wealth today with the aim of generating funds for the future. Investment is very important in life because every aspect of our lives needs investment not only money but could be your time, energy, and commitment.

When you invest much into your future during your youthful age, you enjoy more after retirement. Do not spend all your income today plan very well and invest some. You can buy shares from a company, buy treasury bills for the long term and roll it over. If you start investing today, you save for the future. Do not spend with the idea that you will earn more tomorrow that will be a big mistake ever in your life

3. Spend less than you earn:

If you lack managerial skills in life,  everything gets out of hand for you. Life isn’t that easy the way we see it. We only get to see that when we are in trouble. Save yourself from such dilemma by learning how to manage the little you have. You don’t always have to earn big before you can live a good life. It all depends on how you plan your life. Learn to spend less than you earn so that you can inhabit the spirit of saving. Spend less now and enjoy more in future.

4. Avoid impulse buying:

This is the purchase of items you haven’t planned for. It has to do with psychology and personality traits and this runs through us all. We all once in life or always make impulse buying, which we may not realize but put us over budget and goes a long way to affect our savings. You need to have a scale of preference. It is simply a concept in economics which helps you to satisfy your needs in order of their priority. Always list your expenses in order of their importance and focus on them. It can help you avoid impulse buying.

5. Plan for the unexpected:

Nobody says thinking negative is right but don’t let it control your life. Be always ready for whatever life brings. Insurance can be simply explained as the money you pay to an insurance company to indemnify you in case of financial loss. You need to have life insurance and also insure your property for unexpected things like fire outbreaks, accidents, and death. It gives you assurance in life. And always plan your life for the unexpected, you will always be ready for something.


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