22 Scary Yet Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas To Try In 2020

Want to try some scary Halloween makeup ideas, then check out our list below. Don’t worry, these looks are easy to recreate.  You can use make up retouch tips to make your photo more beautiful and interesting. Using professional tools like this will help you find your style. 

Halloween makeup ideas

Tate Langdon skull makeup

Photo by @makeup_by_gui

You can recreate this skull look inspired by Tate Langdon from American Horror Story TV show. You can use a black eyeliner to get this look done. Liquid eyeliner can be used too.

The mask

Photo by @shardidthat

To recreate the mask, you will need some face and body paint with black eyeliner. You can also get the costume and only paint your face.


Photo by @andreslugomua

Want to be an avatar for halloween? Then recreate this look using blue face and body paint.

Witch makeup

There are so many different variations of witch makeup. But this has got to be the easiest to recreate. You can use green face and body paint and top it off with a pointy witch hat.

Cruella De Vil

Photo by @diamondivenco

This Cruella De Vil look is so chic and easy to do. You can recreate this look using makeup products you already have at home and some hite body paint. To finalize the look get a black and white wig.

Half face clown

clown makeup for halloween
Photo by @bereebeauty_

If you love clowns, then do this half face clown makeup for Halloween. Use black eyeliner to outline half of your face. Paint one half of your face and your neck with the white paint. Give it some time to dry.

Once it has dried, do a black smokey eye on that half of the face, use red lipstick to paint half your nose and half your lips. Put some red glitter on the red lipstick to give it that chic look.

Red devil + blue devil

Photo by @aferp_mua

Not sure which devil to be for Halloween? Why not do both? Paint half your face as the blue devil and the other half as the red devil. Once the paint is dry, use body glue to attach the faux horns to your forehead.

Don’t forget to paint the horns too and give them time to dry before gluing them.

Living dead girl

Photo by @andy_makeupp

Want to be a living dead girl for Halloween? Check out this article on easy tips to make fake wound with non-toxic glue and fake blood.

Colourful skull

Photo by @galwaygrrl

Tired of the black and white skull? Use face paint to make your skull colorful.

Scare crow

Another simple Halloween makeup idea to try is the scarecrow. You can recreate this look using orange eyeshadow and black eyeliner.

Photo by @adriellexaqno

Half face skeleton

If you don’t want a full face skeleton, you can also do a half face skeleton for Halloween.

Photo by @denisedragomir

Spider makeup

Spider makeup for halloween
Photo by @rubenjiemenezg

In reality, nobody wants a spider crawling on their body but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with some creepy spider makeup for Halloween.

Creepy puppet

Photo by @cmdkmakeup

How creepy is this puppet look? Recreate this puppet look for Halloween this year.

Creepy broken doll

Do you think dolls are creepy or you actually love dolls? Well this particular doll is a very creepy one. Recreate this broken doll look and you will surely give your family and friends a really good scare.

Botched Barbie

Photo by @sn0ok

Another easy halloween makeup look is a botched barbie. Recreate this look using pink eyeliner and pink lipstick with a pink wig.

Golden skeleton

Photo by @keylaremache

Another spooky skeleton makeup look using yellow and gold.


Genie halloween makeup look
Photo by @reynaxbeauty

Recreate this genie look using blue face and body paint. Remember to accessorize with some gold accessories to complete the look.

Bat makeup

Photo by @eulauracastro

To get this look, do your makeup like you usually would everyday. Use purple eyeshadow on one half of the face and draw some little bats on them.

Spider web

For this look, do your makeup as usual and then using black eyeliner draw a spider web on your forehead and your neck and chest area.

Photo by @laurendove_mua

Devil makeup

Recreate this devil look using red face paint and black eyeliner. For the devil’s horns, the artist tried to style her hair to look like horns. You can do that too but if your hair isn’t long enough to do this, then simply wear a devil’s horn headband.

Chic skull makeup look

Recreate this chic yet creepy skull makeup look using pink eyeshadow, black eyeshadow, and black lipstick.

Billy the puppet

Billy the puppet- Halloween makeup look
Photo by @euphriaxiv

If you’ve seen the horror movie Saw, then you definitely know Billy the puppet. To get this look, paint your face with white face paint and let it dry. Once it is dry use red lipliner to make the circle of the chin and paint your lips with red lipstick.

We certainly hope you found some Halloween makeup ideas to try in this article.

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