5 Property Styling Tips & Tricks For A Successful Home Sale

If you’re looking to sell your home, you probably want to close the deal as soon as possible. Here are some tricks you can use to make your home sell faster.

The two most common challenges experienced by selling homeowners are failing to get the asking price for their property and failing to sell the house in time. 

For some people, overpricing is the primary reason they can’t attract potential buyers. However, a lack of preparation before a sale is the most common factor for not selling.

Do you want to receive the correct value for your home? Do you want a timely offer? If so, read on to discover property styling tips to get your house ready for sale.

5 property styling tips


Decluttering is the first step of readying your home for sale. Ensure that everything’s orderly before listing your house on the local real estate market.

If keeping unused clothes under the bed is your guilty pleasure, you need to address this first. Then, empty your closets and clean your countertops and cabinets because kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms are usually a priority to interested buyers.

Remove personal items

After decluttering, focus on your sentimental possessions. Remember that the artwork, greenery, and other collectibles might appeal to you, but a new owner won’t fancy them. In some cases, they can discard them as trash, which you wouldn’t want.

De-personalising your house increases the illusion of space. More importantly, it piques the interested buyer’s thinking. Staring into an empty, spacious room allows them to envisage living it. They start planning where the furniture will go, the type of decor they’ll put on walls, etc.

Invest in lighting

Nothing can dampen your mood like stepping into a poorly-lit environment. The intensity of natural light your home receives can affect a buyer’s decision. Ensure that the sun is moderate, neither too hot nor too cold. It’s also vital to add lamps and ambient lighting in your bedroom and outdoor spaces, as they allow you to vary the intensity to match the prevailing occasion. 

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Paint neutral colours

Painting overly bold or too dull colours on your walls can alienate potential clients. On the other hand, neutral tones like white and grey provoke their thinking. Like removing sentimental possessions, applying a neutral colour palette creates a sense of space and opens up countless interior décor ideas.

That said, it’s advisable to apply neutral colours throughout your home. If you have outdated carpets, consider getting new ones. If your kitchen and bathroom need a makeover, get it done.

Remember your outdoor space

When surveying your home, the first thing a potential buyer sees is your backyard. Is the fence in good condition? Do you mow your grass often? How clean is the swimming pool? 

First impressions matter. When you list your home, ensure that the driveway is clean. Dust your garden tractor and cut the grass to make it presentable. Then, check if your fence and other outdoor structures like swimming pools, decks, and patios are in good condition.

Wrapping up

The real estate industry is getting more competitive. However, the industry’s competitiveness doesn’t guarantee getting the right value for your property. It’s wise to conduct a home inspection with your realtor and correct all the defects as practiced by many apartments in Manor. Then, use the property styling tips mentioned above to give you an edge over other sellers.

5 Property Styling Tips & Tricks For A Successful Home Sale

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