Selling Guide 101: How To Sell A Mobile Home Park

A mobile home park, also known as a park home, trailer park, or caravan park, is a preassembled structure that is used as a permanent home or temporary accommodation. These homes are attached to a framework before being transported to the site and can be moved or left in a place permanently.

Mobile home parks are low investment properties as it allows you to gain more units for less money. These low maintenance units are high in demand and provide high returns, which makes them affordable overall.

So, if you are a mobile park house owner and if you want to sell it, here are certain tips you can follow before going through the procedure.

mobile home park

Selling your mobile home park

Approach a professional

To sell your mobile home park, you need someone who is a part of as well as aware of the industry and has skill-sets to ensure that you get the best deal. You must properly show your property to the professional before putting it on the market.

You can find a professional with the help of the internet, just search for ‘sell my mobile home park‘. This will increase the possibility of getting an amazing deal and fast-selling off the property.

They are also aware of the exact market price and prospect buyers, which will make the entire process simple. A professional will give you advice regarding the right season to sell your house and if you should go to a real estate broker or check online auction to sell your property.

Fix up the maintenance issue

Before putting your mobile park home out in the market and after consulting a professional, you need to get your property fixed. It is extremely necessary to get all the repairs done like repainting, refinishing the cracks, fixing any holes, and checking if the door and windows are locking properly. Your primary aim is to get home, look move-in ready so that it sells fast and you get the best price for the home.

Terms of the sale

One must determine the terms and conditions of the sale before going through the entire process. You need to be clear in your head regarding what actually you are expecting from the sale of the property.

You need to be ready with all the documentation and paperwork required for the process of sale to proceed. This must be kept in mind that traditional sales can fall through because of financing, inspection or other contingencies. Therefore, all these terms must be pre-discussed for a successful sale of the property.

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Advertise your mobile park home both online and offline

The online market provides a vast market of potential buyers or investment companies and they also allow you to share pictures of your home’s interior and exteriors. If you decide on both online and offline advertising, you will cater broader audience.

All you need to make sure is that you let out all the information and details about the terms and conditions of the sale. You can also use social media platforms and create a post with all the required details and pictures to showcase your home’s unique features. Word of mouth is also an amazing technique to reach potential buyers.


Selling a property can be full of complications and daunting, especially for the ones who do not have enough knowledge regarding the procedure. If not done properly, you might not get the exact worth of the property or may end you losing the deal. Therefore, the professional consultancy will not only make your entire process easier but will also ensure that you get the right value for your property.

Selling Guide 101: How To Sell A Mobile Home Park

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