What To Know About Modular Stairs and Platforms?

modular stairs

Customized solutions have become the need of the hour. One such product is modular stairs and platforms are customized products which make reaching the inaccessible place easily accessible. These find usage at home and even commercial spaces.

Modular stairs and work platform mainly consists of a metallic base which is encompassed by a rail and cage, sometimes it consists of a mechanical arm to shift the platforms. The user places himself on top of this modular platform and controls ascends and descends by using a control deck.

Maximum of the aerial-based work platforms are taken out independently and so they are used in the various field for many purposes. Using these stairs, the employees can work on right places that are not located in public paths such as outdoor windows, gutters, and pipes.

Modular Stairs and Platforms are perfect for industrial and commercial usage. They are available in different configurations which matches the kind of requirement you have. There are many companies providing the same on rent or you can purchase one for yourself.

How would you Fix Modular Stairs?

Most of the modular stairs and platforms companies provide installation, but it might come at an extra cost. To save this cost, you can install the stairs yourself. The process is very simple.

All that is needed to have is the correct type of equipment and components which would make it done set incorrect method. These stairs are available with fall-protection features and they have become a very common option at the industrial sectors.

What Type of Industries are they Implemented?

When it comes to modular stairs, they are incorporated in a wide type of different type of industries. However, most popular of them are:

  • Rooftop
  • Industrial Sectors
  • Energy Sectors
  • Material tackling

Implemented in Rescue Works:

One of the places where you can find active use of modular stairs and platforms is by the fire rescuer for saving individuals who are by mistake struck inside the building during a fire breakout.

However, the raised work platform can be made in a process that carries heavy loads as well as light loads for both. There are different kind of aerial work platforms which are selected based on the application.

They utilize fuel resources and various mechanisms which run hydraulically and have jointed areas presenting a crane.

Construction work-

For working at a certain height, you can use them to reach a certain height in the building. This finds use in fixing the lights, fans, and other accessories on the walls or the ceilings.


Another area where you can find active use of these stairs is the warehouse where you can use them for keeping the products in the racks or unloading. However, there is a height limitation of this.

Unlimited Configuration Choices are the Major Attraction

The main attraction of using modular stairs is that it delivers lots of choices for configurations. They have a wide type of commercial and industrial applications for their modular design which is best for a variety of projects.

  • They are available in different configurations like :
  • Industrial handrails
  • Aluminium stairs
  • Universal work platform
  • Tower platform
  • Platform ladder
  • Universal work platforms

Based on your requirement, you can choose the one that matches your need.

When it comes to the material choice for modular stairs and platforms aluminum is the best. Aluminium is lightweight and weather proof, thus making it durable and a good choice for modular stairs. If you wish to boost productivity and save costs you can utilize these modular systems as your companion.

modular stairs and platforms

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