Improve the Security of Your House with Window Lock Installation

Security is the most crucial aspect of any home. Have you ever watched any television intruders crawling inside a house through the windows? Forced entry through windows is one of the significant causes of robbery in many parts of the world.

To ensure the all-round protection of the house, apart from focusing solely on the door locks, we should also pay attention to the window locks. Although you can always opt for the automated security systems, it is always wise to set the basics right.

This article discusses the different window locks. You will also find a detailed guide to the window lock installation procedure.

The Different Kinds of Window Locks

If you are considering going for window lock installation, then given below are the different kinds of window locks which are available in the market:

1. Window Latches:

These are located at the top of the window. When the window is closed, this lock holds both the latches together and keeps them from opening.

2. Ventilating Locks:

These locks have a movable pin. When this pin is placed over the window, it locks the window and doesn’t let it open. However, when the pin is simply pushed aside, the window can fully be opened.

3. Sliding Window Locks:

These locks incorporate the use of a thumbscrew or a lever. If a thumbscrew is used, a wing nut has to be twisted to secure the lock and keep the window from opening. However, if it uses a lever, all you have to do is turn the lever if you want to unlock or lock the window.

4. Hinged Wedge Locks:

This kind of lock is the most suitable for the double hung windows.

5. Folding Latches:

These latches are installed in the frame of the window. If the lock is folded downwards, the window remains closed. If you want to open the window, you have to pull up the latch and unfold it.

window lock installation

How Window Lock Installation is done

Given below is a detailed guide on how to install the window locks. Follow the steps for a proper window lock installation procedure. –

Step 1.

Choose the lock that will fulfil all your requirements. You can choose a lock from a wide range of options like sliding window locks, bolts, key-track stops and many more. However, do not go by the popularity of any one kind of lock. Opt for the one which will suit you the best.

Step 2.

The next step comes setting the lock in position. Choose the exact position where you want to install the lock.

Step 3.

Next, you have to make sure that the lock is tightened. This, however, depends on the lock style. Based on the style of the lock, you can either choose to clip the lock to the window or keep it screwed to the track.

Step 4:

Use pliers to fasten the bolt. The lock has to be set very tightly to keep your house safe from the intruders.

If you follow the steps as mentioned above, you can carry out the window lock installation procedure very easily.


There are many ways in which window lock installation can prove to be beneficial. One of the most important benefits of having a window lockis that it provides excellent security to the house. The locks on the sliding windows make sure that the window doesn’t keep sliding open. Installing a window lock doesn’t seem to be a messy and challenging affair if you are skilled in DIY. If you are confident about your abilities, you can try to install the window lock by yourself. If not, you can seek the assistance of professionals who will reach out to you and serve you in the best possible manner.


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