6 Great Ideas for Family Game Night

Life can get pretty busy. If we don’t make the time to come together as families, members can start to drift apart, caught up in their own daily dramas and concerns. Scheduling a monthly family game night is the ideal way to get everyone together for some intense fun and laughter.

Here are six great ideas for family game night. We have alternated between stationary games and ones that require moving around.

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6 family game night ideas

Paper Telephone

You will recognize the ‘broken telephone’ game in this updated version, which uses pen and paper. Have everyone sit in a circle and jot down a simple phrase (subject, verb, object). Each player passes their piece of paper to the person on their left, who must draw the phrase, hide the writing, and pass it on again. The next person writes a phrase to match the drawing. Alternate drawing and writing until the paper gets back to its starting place and share the humorous results.

Paper Plane Competition

This game is especially delightful for youngsters and the adults also enjoy teaching them how to make better planes. If you have forgotten how to design a paper plane, don’t despair. Follow this video which illustrates three examples of paper planes that are guaranteed to fly far.

The game works best if you have a long passage but you can also move the furniture aside to make the most of a large lounge. Give everyone the chance to make three paper planes and number them from one to three. In each round, one plane per person will be flown from behind a designated line. After three rounds, let the winner of each engage in a showdown for the ultimate champion.


If you own the card game, you will have a ready list of words to play with. If not, begin by writing down 50 different words on pieces of paper. One member of the first team selects a piece of paper and describes it without using the word. Team members must guess the word to score a point. Then, it’s the other team’s turn.

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Indoor Bowling

Use the same space that you set up for flying paper planes and create a bowling alley using 10 plastic bottles. These must be arranged in four rows of four, three, two, and one, bottle. Use any suitable ball and start bowling.

Twenty Questions

There are variations to this game. In its simplest form, one person chooses a character, and the other players must guess who they are. They do this by asking 20 questions to which the answer can only be yes or no, for example, “Are you female?” A fun version is where there is no limit on what you can be; a plant, a ship, an alien, or whatever you dream up.

Words With Friends

Words With Friends is an online crossword puzzle game that is great for building new vocabulary. It has been around since 2009. It helps to fill the gap caused by the shutting down of the original online Scrabble in June 2020. This has been replaced by Scrabble Go.

Unfortunately, fans have not been impressed by the newcomer, which is viewed as gaudy and distracting. However, this has not stopped it from being downloaded by ten million subscribers in less than two months and reaching 2.5 million players a day.

The good news for family night is that you can play Scrabble in its earliest non-digital format if you still have the game.  And if you are stumped for words, you can use Unscramble.me to unscramble letters quickly.  

Make family game night a tradition. You can play old favorites or select something different every month. The important point is to set aside this special time to enjoy family togetherness.

6 Great Ideas for Family Game Night

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