6 Fun Garden Activities For Kids

If you’re looking for new activities for your child to try while ensuring they get fresh air in the process, what better way than exploring garden activities?

From creating home gardens to tasting all the delicious vegetables, you can think of, there are plenty of ways you can bring the fun outside. Plus, these all provide kids with real-life skills and an understanding of the outdoors.

Here are the best garden-themed activities that are fun, educational, and safe for kids.

mother and kids gardening

Garden activities for kids

Create a garden at home

If you’ve just recently finished adding gorgeous engineered wood floors from reliable suppliers to your outdoor patio. Complete the aesthetic of your outdoors by encouraging your child to create a garden with you.

When making the garden, involve your children as much as possible in the process to gauge their interests. From picking out seeds to planting them, these can pique their interests indefinitely.

Make a garden sensory bin

If you have a younger child, typically below three years old, rather than letting them get down and dirty in an actual garden, you can encourage them to make a sensory garden bin.

This activity allows your child to create a personal sensory garden bin for themselves, and they can bring this indoors. Your kid can put this together without any issues using items you can typically find in your garden or home.

All you need to buy probably is a large plastic bin to put in the soil and other trinkets your child may want to add.

kids gardening

Make a unique fairy garden

Mixing up art and nature can be such a fun and powerful experience for kids, and the best part is, the outcome doesn’t matter.

An activity that lets your child explore their creativity, become active, and have fun is making a ‘fairy tree’ garden.

You don’t need to purchase anything to help your kids bring this whimsical idea to real-life. Encourage your kids to go on a scavenger hunt and look for sticks, twigs, leaves, and flowers around your yard.

There are several ways you can do this, including creating a miniature version inside a mason jar or let them build a ‘magical’ fairy village in your yard using the items they’ve found.

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kids gardening in greenhouse

Classic rock painting – and something more ‘challenging’

A classic garden-themed activity you can do if you already have a garden at home or finished building one is rock painting.

Encourage your kids to paint some rocks to act as labels for your growing plants and produce. It’s a fun way to let their creativity go wild and get dirty, which every kid adores.

If you’re not too keen on letting your child handle paint, you can let them use paint pens for a cleaner experience.

If you’re looking for something more challenging, perhaps, for an older child, creating mosaic stepping stones is a great activity to tackle.

However, these require more materials, are messy but fantastic for kids. You can do this using broken colorful mugs around your home or from your local antique, second-hand, or thrift stores.

However, make sure to pay attention to your child when they assemble their mosaic stepping stones to avoid injuries from the broken glass or mugs.

Vegetable taste party

A great and fun way to get your kids hooked on healthy food is by hosting a veggie taste party.

You can make this more enjoyable and engaging for your children by showing the ‘rainbow taste test’ visual, consisting of colorful and delicious vegetables.

This activity can help kids learn more about the nutrients that each of the ‘color’ of the rainbow offers, reminding them to eat these fun ‘colors’ when making food choices every day. It’s a powerful way of encouraging them to develop healthy eating habits.

Make veggie ‘bugs’

On the topic of healthy eating and vegetables, another fun garden-themed activity your kids can do is creating delicious ‘bug snacks’ out of vegetables.

Help your child make cute little ladybugs out of tomatoes, a snail from cucumbers, dragonflies or butterflies from carrots or peppers, and other quirky ideas you can come up with along the day.

You can use ranch or hummus to stick different parts of the ‘bug,’ and-dig in. It’s a fun and interactive way of learning the different kinds of vegetables and how they can correctly cut them up to make the ‘bug.

‘Whether it’s spring season or you want to bring your child outdoors for some fresh air, learning all about spring with the fun and educational hands-on garden activities is a great way to teach your child about the outdoors.

The best part is, these fun activities give kids an excuse to get down and dirty and have the time of their lives.


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