Dates shouldn’t always be at night. You both can make a day a memorable one at any time of the day. Dates are very essential part of every relationship. 90% of relationships collapse because they don’t make time for their partners. How long you’ve been together should not explain why you don’t have to go on dates. Some nice time together can make a big difference in your relationship.

First time dates are always special, make the rest of your years special too as the first day. Forget work and your tight schedule sometimes and make your partner feel good. However, dates shouldn’t make you go bankrupt . Check out ideas that will be comfortable for both you and your spouse. It helps you to plan well and solve issues that didn’t go down well with you that you kept to yourself. It shouldn’t always have to be going to the restaurant for dinner or the cinema but try something different this time.

This should be fun to do but here are 10 super fun date ideas  if you are struggling to come up with one.

fun date ideas


Go for a dinner at the restaurant:

This is what comes up in our minds whenever we talk about night dates. You can make it a new and different by not doing the same old things. Try different meals this time around. Order some continental dishes with other cocktails and get to know how those foods tastes like. Have a feel of that Chinese or American lifestyle..

Plan a picnic together:

You can go to a park in your community or outside to have a quality time together with some snacks and reflect on the first time you met, how you felt about each other and your expectations. Make sure your phone is fully charged or get a camera with you to take pictures and keep them for a lifetime.

Visit tourist sites you haven’t visited before:

Explore new places together and learn new things there, appreciate nature and have a good time. Take pictures together. You can even try “partner  look” – wear the same clothes. It should be adventurous and fun.

Watch the sunrise together:

Wake up up early, be in each other’s arms and watch the sunrise or the sunset.

Try new recipes together:

Try cooking foods you both haven’t tasted before and do it together. This might be your first time cooking together so it should be fun. Go to the market together to get the ingredients for your food and enjoy that experience.

Set up competitions for yourself:

This is a fun activity so don’t make it dull. It could be a rap battle, dancing, pick and acts, how well you know each and a lot more games to keep you up the whole time. The one who loses can be made to dust the couch or cook dinner for you two. Make fun of yourselves during the competition.


Take a bath together:

You can spend a night at a nice hotel and take a bath together. Scratch your partner’s back and let them do same, try kissing under shower if you haven’t tried that before. It could be in the house or any place you two wish to spend some quality time together. Try some bath salts and scented candles with some music at the background. Would be much special if you create a special playlist for that. And oh, don’t forget the wine.

Play truth or dare:

It is not always about going out, you can stay indoors and try this game. It is fun!! Do pillow fights and confess your love to each other.


Go for programs:

Your favourite artistes maybe hosting shows in town go watch them perform and have fun. It could be a movie premier in the cinema nearby or outside where you live. Get some popcorns and ice creams and enjoy!!!

Go out for swimming:

Challenge yourselves on who can swim best and maybe the loser will pay for the next round of drink and have fun.

fun and cheap date ideas


  1. January 17, 2019 / 1:35 pm

    Love the bath idea! We used to do that. What happened??? Not sure I really want my Prince Charming to see me all squished up in the tub but that’s what bubble bath is for, huh?

    I am going to do a new series this year on the last Sunday of each month sharing the dates my PC and I had. Hoping to give inspiration to some and taken inspiration from others. My 91 year old mom has required a lot of help and attention lately and my hubs has taken a backseat. Need to do something to make him feel loved and appreciated. Maybe a picnic IN the bathtub. With bubbles.

  2. January 22, 2020 / 7:05 pm

    Awesome photography! I feel lucky today to see the beauty of photography. It was really great inspirational post. What a memorable experience it was for us!

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