Creating A Spa-Like Vibe In Your Bathroom

The bathroom is a room of practicalities, first and foremost. But it should be a place where we can enjoy a little privacy. Find our center and get refreshed for whatever the day has in store for us. For that reason, we could all stand to make our bathroom a little comfier.

Here, we’re going to look at how you maintain the balance of practicality and luxury in a bathroom to really achieve that spa feeling.

Choosing your bathing station

If you’re completely renovating the bathroom or installing a new one, you should think carefully about what you choose to install. When it comes to choosing between a bath and a shower, or both, you need to think about how you’re using the space provided. How much work either adds on. As well as how much you’re going to use either.

For instance, baths aren’t as relaxing for everyone and many people genuinely prefer a shower. If you’re in that camp, you’re not going to use your bath as much as you would like to, no matter how much you want to convince yourself. Having the option for both in the same space could the upkeep and cleaning involved sapping away any sense of relaxation you’re hoping to achieve, too.

how to decorate your bathroom like a spa

Make better use of your space

If you have already decided (or aren’t planning to change) the overall layout of the bathroom, then it’s time to think about how to use the space available. The key here is to avoid using up any floor space that isn’t being used. If you have a sink that has space beneath it, for instance, that’s the perfect place to fit some storage baskets. Otherwise, you might want to consider making more use of vertical spaces.

This goes not just for storage, but essentials like heating, too. Vertical radiators free up floor space, allowing your bathroom to feel a little bigger. If you free up enough space, you can even consider adding a chair so that going through your makeup and skincare regimen in the morning is an even more therapeutic experience.

Learn to layer your lighting

In the majority of cases, the bathroom simply isn’t lit well enough. That’s because most of us are relying on one light source alone. We will take a look at natural lighting and its role in the first place, but let’s assume that you have none. An overhead light isn’t great for atmosphere, nor does it provide the best possible visibility if, for instance, you’re using the mirror. Look at Kuzco lighting to see examples of wall installations that you can use to layer your lighting.

There’s task lighting, which is using lighting in practical placements (like by the mirror or over the sink) to increase visibility. To really create a relaxing vibe, you might want to think about accent lighting, too. Which is lighting purely for the aesthetic and atmospheric effect.

Natural lighting is important, too

In the mornings, you shouldn’t be using too much lighting at all, but letting your window do the work for you. If you don’t have large windows, it’s all about maximizing the light that comes through. For instance, you can opt for much smaller or sheer window treatments like lace curtains.

You can still maintain your privacy by adopting changes like frosted windows or blinds, of course. You can further maximize natural lighting with a change of colours. Lighter, brighter colours absorb less light and help it travel more effectively throughout the room.

A little presentation goes a long way

If you really want the spa sensation, then you need to go a little further than the practicalities alone. Achieving the right look plays a big role. Accent lighting is just one example of how to better present the bathroom. You should also consider purely aesthetic additions like wall art.

Look at where you keep your bathroom products, like oils, soaps, shampoos, and the like. Opting for a more decorative option can help you create the sensation that you’re truly pampering yourself. If you want the feeling of the spa, then you should consider creating the look of the spa, as well.

Appeal to all the senses

Looks aren’t everything, either. A fantastic spa (or bathroom) experience incorporates all of the senses. Smell is the most important amongst them. Nothing ruins your vibe like a bad smell, but it’s not always easy to get rid of them from the bathroom. Besides keeping it as clean as possible, you can maintain a fresher scent to the bathroom using essential oils or incense, too.

Essential oils can be added to fans to keep the scent consistent, for instance. While incense should be used only while you’re in there. What’s more, improving the airflow by taking care of your extractor fan and not closing the door off too often can help the bathroom maintain a nice, fresh smell, as well.

Add some softness

The tactile experience of the bathroom matters, too. Without a little softness, your bathroom can feel bare, cold, and unwelcoming. Investing in high-quality bath mats and rugs is essential. Not only should they be absorbent and easy to clean, but they should feel pleasant to stand on.

Adding some soft furnishings to the bathroom and keeping fresh towels can make a big difference, as well. Just make sure that none of those soft furnishings are particularly weak to moisture. For instance, a waterproof Ottoman that doubles as a storage space when you open it up can be the perfect touch. Helping you keep your bathroom goodies hidden away, adding some much-needed softness, and giving you a mirror seat all in one.

With the right touches, your bathroom will be more than just the place you wash and get rid of bodily waste. It will be your own little safe and relaxing haven in the home, rejuvenating you with every visit. Just make sure you keep up the cleanliness and make use of the storage appropriately to stop clutter from taking over once again.


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