How To Create Your Own Workspace As A Mompreneur

So, you’ve decided to pursue that business venture you’ve always dreamed of: good for you! But just how do you go about making your entrepreneurial dream a reality?

Establishing your own dedicated workspace is the first step. If you’ve got an office space which is amenable to peace, quiet, and productivity, then you’ll be set for a bright future as a business owner.

But since we know that it’s not always easy for moms to carve out a space of the home for their own endeavours, we’ve searched high and low for the best tips to creating a personalised workspace. Check them out below, and get DIYing!

how to create a worskpace at home

How to create a workspace at home

Jump on the shipping-container office trend

Some moms find it difficult to delineate between family and work life within the four walls of the home, which makes total sense. If this sounds like you, it may be time to consider installing a shipping container office in the backyard.

Not only are container offices a remarkably economical option, much more so than a built extension. But they also offer the precise cosiness, warmth, and durability required of office spaces.

Plus, shipping containers are minimalist by default. So if you’re into a Scandi-cum-industrial architectural style, you’ll be well pleased with your new makeshift office.

Keep your own comfort in mind

If you’re planning on wiling away many an hour in the office, then it’ll pay to ensure your own comfort. Take a cue from corporate offices, and invest in an office chair (the sitting or standing kind) that’s ergonomically designed. Back pain is no joke!

Be creative with storage

Some mompreneurs may only have a small corner of the living room or bedroom to fashion into a workspace. In the situation that you’re squeezed for square metres, it pays to be inventive with your storage solutions.

One way to retain some room for all your stationery needs is to build your desk over two cabinets or shelving units. Another is to install floating shelves above your desk for all those pesky files.

Moreover, you might think about pinning vertical files to the wall to keep all your most essential documents near.


Let the light stream in

Studies have shown that bad lighting – too dim, flickering, etc.. contributes significantly to workplace fatigue, brain fuzziness, and sight-related issues.

Wherever you decide to set up your office, ensure that your desk is facing a window, or otherwise that you’ve invested in bright and naturally-hued artificial lighting which will help to keep you focused throughout the day or night. Remember, to install a lamp or two as a close-range light source.

Outfit your office with stationery

You’ve been buying stationery for your kids since day dot; now it’s your turn! Make sure that you’ve got everything you could possibly need for business-related tasks by stocking up on pens, pencils, rulers, staplers, and stamps, as well as any speciality bits you may need to get your business up and running.

Keep your workspace for work

In some respects, it doesn’t matter exactly where or how you establish a workspace. What’s most vital to ensuring that your workspace is a productive and positive space are the limits you impose upon it mentally (and spatially).

It’s especially integral for moms to clearly announce – both to themselves and to their families that their workspace is for two things only: mommy, and work.

This means that only you may cross the threshold to this sacred space, and only work is to be done within that space.

If you open up the floodgates both to your kids and to other tasks or responsibilities, then the very purpose of creating the space is rendered void. So, enforce some rules, and watch your entrepreneurial venture prosper!

Author’s bio: As a freelance writer, two of Harper’s topmost priorities are a cheerful and productive workspace and comfortable office furniture. In the comfort and tranquillity of her own little space, she has written for various blogs and sites, including the NZ business Keith Andrews. Harper is on Tumblr – say hello!

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