Calming Purple Bedroom Decor Ideas

If you are a lover of purple then you are going to love this beautiful collection of purple bedroom ideas. Purple is a very soothing color that makes for very beautiful decor. And there are so many different ways you can decorate your bedroom with this rich color.

How to decorate your bedroom with purple

Purple bedding

One very simple way to use purple for your bedroom decor is to use a purple bedding set. You can go for a purple bed or simply just use purple bedsheets and bed covers, with some purple pillowcases too.

Purple walls

Another way to decorate your bedroom with purple is to paint your wall purple. You can choose to paint the whole room with this beautiful color, or you can use a neutral color for the room and have an accent purple wall.

Aside from paint, you can also use purple wallpaper or even purple wall decals to add a beautiful pop of color to your room.

Purple rugs and curtains

If you are not up for painting your room again, you can try some purple curtains and rugs.

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