Who Is A Romantic Guy?

When it comes to romance in a relationship, women are more interested in it than men. Most men only show their romantic side in the early stages of the relationship and after a while they give it up.

This accounts for majority of the reasons why relationships fail. It’s like having a garden of flowers, you have to water it everyday for the flowers to grow beautifully. After it grows, you don’t stop watering it because the flowers will die and all your efforts from the beginning would be in vain.

But why does the romance stop?

Based on movies we watch especially these telenovelas and hollywood movies, romantic guys are the ones who bring flowers and chocolates to their girlfriends or wives and take them to fancy dinners.

So based on this most men assume this is what every woman wants and at a point it becomes “too much work” for them to do all the time. So they stop it all together. But is this what every woman see as romantic in reality?

The answer is no, every woman is different. What girl A will see as romantic wouldn’t be romantic for girl B. Another factor is that, women always want men to be the romantic ones. But the relationship involves two people so you both have to play your parts when it comes to romance to keep the passion. When it’s one sided, it gets boring.

So, I asked different women who they think a romantic guy is and this is what each of them had to say’

  • A guy who makes your heart calm and makes you live your love life dream in reality
  • Someone who makes you feel special without you asking. Makes you feel like a princess.
  • A guy with a listening ear who does something nice without you asking and learns fast as well.
  • Any guy who can’t get a lady off his mind will be romantic.
  • If he shows selflessness towards me. Like he puts me first.
  • A romantic guy must be someone who cares about you. You should be his priority. He should  give you all that you need as a woman.
  • Someone who thinks of making plans before you do and surprises you. You know it’s a whole lot. Open doors, cooks, book dinners.
  • Someone who does silly things with me and for me. That could include just bus hopping from one place to another. I also like one who buys time out of his busy schedule to do something he wont ordinarily do by himself. Perhaps sit with me to read a book as well. If you plant a kiss on my cheek, forehead or nose, I’m sold.
  • If he compliments me genuinely, gets me gifts, a thoughtful person. Spends quality time with me.
  • Someone I can speak to freely and someone who understand the meaning or true value of a person or relationship.
  • A romantic guy is a man who remembers special occasions, brings flowers, always tells you he loves u,enjoy candle lights and all that.
  • A guy who is full of thought, affection and understands the true meaning of love and knows how to treat his woman.
  • For me, a romantic guy is one who sends me love songs with cute texts or notes.

How to be a romantic guy

Although every woman has what she sees as romantic, there are some basic things a guy can do to be a  romantic guy.

Be spontaneous:

Do something out of the ordinary. Something you don’t usually do. Try and do something she likes just because she likes it. Date nights shouldn’t be just Friday nights or dinner dates. Switch things up.

Be observant and attentive: 

Notice the little things. Like when she changes her hair and give her a compliment. Surprise her with something she said she wanted. Like she tells you she’s never watched a particular movie although she would like to. Get that movie and watch it with her.

Be thoughtful:

You don’t always have to wait for her to ask. Do something nice for her without her asking. Help around the house. Take out the trash, load the dishwasher, help with the kids.

The little things:

 Send her a text, let her know she’s on your mind. It can be a simple :I miss you. A kiss on the forehead, a hug from the back, butt grabs. All these little things makes the relationship exciting.


Get her something she likes. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Something within your budget. It’s the thought that counts. It can be jewellery or perfume, chocolate or a lollipop. Gifts shouldn’t be just occasions. On an ordinary day, surprise her with something you know she likes.

Like I said earlier, romance shouldn’t be one sided if you want a relationship to grow. So ladies, try doing something romantic for your man.

What are some of the things you find romantic in a partner?

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  1. April 13, 2018 / 9:45 pm

    I think the mundane things that happen in life are where I find love. My husband doing the dishes or getting laundry started so I don’t have to? That would be a huge deal for me. Or offering to watch our girls so I can go out and have me time? That’s love for me! I think it’s definitely two sided and the women needs to be doing the same in the relationship as well!


  2. April 14, 2018 / 11:49 pm

    This is such an interesting topic. I agree with the silly things. My boyfriend bought me this little corgi from CVS the other day and it was so sweet and cute when he surprised me with it!

    S | Je M’appelle Chanel

  3. Prachi Maulingker Naik
    April 15, 2018 / 7:17 pm

    This was such a fun article to read !! Loved it ❤
    The most romantic thing my hubby does is preparing sunday breakfasts when I’m still in the bed 😊

  4. Naqibah
    May 10, 2018 / 1:44 pm

    Never have I ever experienced relationships yet because, guess I am not ready but, at times there are moments when I envy people who are in relationships and receiving affection from their other half. Sometimes, I even imagine myself how things will be if I were to have a partner.

    From my perspective, I think a romantic guy for me is just, a guy who could make my heart flutter (and maybe making my stomach happy too!) and just the littlest smallest things that he does that can lift your stress and tension away for awhile.

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