10 Psychological Tricks To Make Him Propose

Some fear missing out on a better option, while others don’t want to lose the freedom of their single life. But both still wish to be with the person they are currently in a relationship with. It used to be a cliché that men were afraid to commit, but now it’s a personality quirk. But that doesn’t change how women feel about marriage and having a partner for life.

So, how do we make him want to propose and finally make the leap to “I Do?” How do you get him to consider loans by phone in 1 hour to afford your perfect engagement ring?

will you marry me?

Creative ways to get him to propose

Live together

Move in together. If you don’t, suggest it, or even tell him how happy it will make you. It will set the scene for your future marriage from eating breakfast together to sleeping in each other’s arms.

Support system

Most men are machos on the outside, but inside can be very sensitive and hate rejection. By being a beacon of support and positivity in his life, you make him feel like a hero. Be his cheering section. Do you want to know how to get him to propose psychologically? Give him what he needs emotionally.

Side trips

Do you and your man like to walk through the mall? Make the occasional deviation into a jewelry store. Subtly make your way to engagement rings and wedding bands. Even the simplest man will get the hint.

Distance and the heart

It is said that distance makes the heart grow fonder. It also gives you a break from stressing about couple’s concerns. Distract yourself with a trip for just you and your girlfriends. Plus, he will miss you like crazy. This is one of the best effective ways to get him to propose in 30 days.

Beating a dead horse

The easiest way to turn a man off of a subject is to talk about it all the time. Yes, you want to get married, but going on and on about your dream wedding will only make him ignore you. Be subtle and bring it up naturally. If you want to know how to make him propose fast, plant the seed and let it grow.

Plan a trip for two

Romance blossoms and the future becomes more certain and assured when all aspects of the bond within a couple are addressed. Physical intimacy is fine, but an emotional and even an intellectual connection can really cement the relationship. And nothing creates a firm bond like a romantic getaway. Do fun things together, get out of your daily grind, and learn how you function in a new environment. Even a simple weekend can make a huge impact.

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Ask for help

If you are having trouble broaching the topic, perhaps friends and family can help. Parents love grandkids, but they tend to prefer you are married beforehand. Let your folks drop hints and your friends make suggestions playfully about wedding topics. For what you want, it never hurts to ask for help.

Have a big talk

Here is a great idea that oddly many couples think is strange. Instead of subterfuge, have a conversation, open and honest, about what you want and where you are going as a couple. Lay the groundwork for your future. And don’t be afraid to speak plainly. No need for games here, just talking to one another.

Become indispensable

What this entails is a relationship between two people that is so incredible, they cannot function without each other. Your every thought and gesture are surrounded by thoughts of your significant other. They live a better life with you than without you. Be indispensable in the ways that matter most.

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Show him the honey

You want a husband, show him how you would act as a wife. In the female brain, there is a switch that flips when that ring lands on her finger. The future is brighter and her happiness and optimism are raised by a large percentage.


Most of these ways to make him want to propose are reasonably safe, and not as devious as they sound. However, when you are trying to decide how to get him to propose, choose carefully. The upside of many of these is if you see it is going wrong, you can fix it with a few sweet words or some well-timed affection. Although, if you are thousands of miles from each other, showing how to propose in a long-distance relationship can end up with a lesson in how to break up over the phone.

Have you had to do something clever to get your dream proposal?


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