7 Tricks For Garden Decoration

tricks for garden decoration

When the good weather arrives, we do not take a moment to go outside and enjoy the sun and the air. If we have a garden, it is likely that in spring and summer, we spend more time outside than inside the house. So we would like to create a pleasant place that will serve as a relaxing space. 

Plants, wicker furniture, trees, candles, hammocks, sun loungers, flowers, water, can create a refuge in our own house where you can stop and rest from the daily hustle and bustle. Here are some ideas to decorate your garden and give it the style you like:

How to decorate your garden

Before Starting, Plan

Sometimes it is more complicated to decorate a garden than a room because it can be a large space with several areas or because we are not sure how to do it.

To start, draw a scale map of the garden and think about the various areas you may have: a space for sun loungers, an area to eat or dine outside, another lawn and flower beds. In this sense, it is important to think about the real space we have in order not to overload it.

Plants and Flowers

To know which plants and which flowers are appropriate for the space you have and which ones are not, you should take into account the space of the garden dedicated to plants and flowers and the orientation, to know the incidence of the sun.

If you are starting to decorate the garden because there was nothing before, the best option is plants that grow quickly: vines or bamboo. You can also choose several small trees or only one slightly larger one.

If the garden already has some plants and flowers but you want to get rid of them and plant new trees and flowers, then a site like https://www.thelocaltreeexperts.com will be very useful to you.

Garden furniture

To buy the right furniture, think about what type of garden you want to have:  Zen garden, a Rustic garden, a Mediterranean garden … Once you have chosen the style, it is time to choose the right size furniture.

If we do not have a lot of space it makes no sense that we choose many or very large furniture. Measure the furniture you want and try to see how they would be placed on the plan you have drawn to scale.

Delimitation of various areas

If your garden is large you can create different areas, dining rooms, solarium area, barbecue, swimming pool and delimit them with stones, fences, pergolas, gazebos and fountains. The possibilities are very great, it is about using our creativity and creating a nice space.

If your garden has a square shape, to soften the lines it is a good idea to place plants in the corners, so that we can take advantage in the middle of the space for a pool, a fountain or sun loungers.

The garden floors

If the soil in your garden is not level, it will be necessary to level it as much as possible before planting the lawn or putting some type of soil. The artificial turf can be a good option instead of natural grass. But, of course, it is not the same feeling. To give a certain texture and originality to the garden floor you can use stones to make a path or to decorate.

If you want to put a firm ground, the stoneware is recommended for its resistance and easy maintenance. In the case where you prefer wood, you must choose the right type of wood very well and make sure that it is placed by an expert because it dilates and contracts a lot.

Bet on minimalism to decorate gardens

A good idea for gardens that are not very spacious is minimalist decoration since it is based on simple lines, few decorative elements, neutral colours and plants that do not require much maintenance. The decor minimalist is also possible in large gardens, as it will make them look even larger.

Keep in mind the weather

For the decoration of a garden, it influences not only the orientation it has and the sun it receives but also the place where it is located. A dry and hot place is not the same as a very humid and windy place. The climate will influence when choosing the type of trees, plants, and shrubs that will not only be part of the decoration but also must adapt well to the environment.


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