8 Things You Can Personalize For An Awesome Party

things to personalize for a party

Throwing a party and want to really make it your own and make it something different? What better way to do it than have some personalized decorations and accessories. There are tonnes of things you can get custom made these days so here’s a list of things to inspire you:

8 things you can personalize

1. Balloons

From all the letters of the alphabet for making whatever words you want for a string of balloons, to getting prints standard or helium balloons there are so many things you can do. And you can pretty much have them say anything you want. You can even get photo balloons too.

2. Face Masks

Often used for stag and hen parties, face masks are hilarious at parties. You can choose whether to surprise the birthday girl by all wearing her face or wearing someone’s partner’s face. Or even choose famous people’s faces to wear; go for politicians, the royal family, the Hollywood elite or boy bands and girl-bands.

3. T-Shirts

If you’re planning on having some events at a party and need teams then why not get some personalized T-shirts? You don’t even have to have teams for this one. It could be that again you have someone’s face on the T-shirt or want some great Insta snaps?

4. Photo Bunting

This is one of the cutest ideas; it couldn’t get more personal than having photo bunting could it? It could be photos of your now 18-year old as a baby? Family photos or pictures of you and all your friends.

5. Cups

You can even personalize your cups meaning that everyone who’s coming gets one with their name on it or you just put the date, and the event name on it and everyone can take one home if they want to. You can even make these yourself, and if you have a vinyl cutter, then your options are endless. Check out how to use one here: vinylcuttingmachineguide.com/

6. Confetti

Personalized confetti will impress your guests; it is a versatile and visually stunning way to add a personal touch to your special occasion. You can have beautiful heart-shaped, star-shaped or circle confetti, and use an online app to create your design using any image or photo and text too.

7. Party Favours

From lollipops, love hearts, badges – whatever you want for a little party favour you can get it custom made and have it however you want. There are too many ideas to mention so think all the weddings you have been to and what you have liked. A bar of soap? A little jar with your name on? It could be anything, but it just adds that personal touch.

8. Recovery Kit

These are pretty popular these days and almost the equivalent of a kids’ party bag but for adults. Pack up a little bag for each of your party guests with some headache pills, a bottle of water, some sweets, a sachet of coffee and some other small bits you think they might need the next day after an awesome night at your party.

party favours to personalize

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