Bistro blinds are being very popularly used in order to create a shelter over your deck and protect the same from the outdoor elements. You can install such blinds at your outdoor, patio and balcony area to protect your property from harsh weather. The outdoor rooms can now be well-protected with the transparent Bistro blinds. This way you can enjoy the beauty of nature as well as protect yourself from the weather elements.

Most of the café and restaurants install such blinds at their outdoor to increase their seat capacity. And they can provide open space to their customers with these blinds. Now you can also use the same in your house to increase the aesthetic value of your property.

How would you install the Bistro Blinds?

The outdoor decks are usually enclosed on their three sides with the Bistro blinds which are usually manufactured out of the charcoal or clear heavy-duty PVC. They usually feature in black or white trim. In order to enclose an outdoor deck, the width measurements are being taken in between the posts and the edges of the walls.  The major steps which are involved in a successful installation of a Bistro blind are jotted in the following steps.

Step 1: Clamping the blinds

In the very first step, the blinds are to be attached to a particular structure like a wall, beam or a bulkhead. If you are planning to secure to a specific crossbeam, then the head rail necessarily needs to be attached to the outside, inside or the base edge. All you need to do is to clamp the blind in the right position and then you need to drill on that position.

Step 2: Securing the head rail

The 30 mm deep holes are to be done in all the drilled positions for adequate safety and to ensure that the blinds can be well-supported in the hanging position. The blinds are to be secured and the coach screws are to be tightened well with the help of a good socket wrench.

how to install bistro blinds

Step 3: Joining those additional blinds

In order to join multiple blinds, you are required to zip off those roped edges and then attach a good and reliable zip joiner. After that, you are required to properly align the adjoining blind so that the teeth line up properly. Then you have to zip them well and a slight tension is to be applied. Then you’re required to clamp the head rail and the secure the same as before.


Step 4: Attaching the wall anchors

To seal the space from the nasty weather conditions, you are required to insert that roped edge in another strong anchor channel and finally slide it to the end. You should necessarily drill a 5 mm clearance holes for best results.

Step 5: Anchoring the blinds

You are required to secure those anchor plate using the screws. In order to keep the blind in a steady position and in order to prevent the movement in the light wind, the length of the anchor strap needs to be properly adjusted.

Step 6: Adding a cord cheat

In order to keep the Bistro blinds in the proper position while it is in a rolled-up state, you should use the screws to secure a cord cleat to a wall or post. And this should necessarily be placed at an ideal height which can be easily accessed.

The bistro blinds are very prevalently be used all over the world. And the above write-up on the installation of the bistro blinds would certainly help you while you are getting them installed in your property. Still if you are not able to install such blinds then you can hire some experts to do this for you.


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