5 Simple Tips For Organizing A Birthday Party For Kids

A kid’s birthday party is always a fun way to commemorate another year of your child’s life. It’s also a great excuse to get all their friends together, enjoy good food, play fun games, and just have a good time away from the confines of the school.

But for the parents, planning a children’s party can be a headache, especially if they don’t know where to start. There’s no need to fret because I’ve listed down the top five tips for planning an awesome children’s party that’ll be perfect no matter the budget.

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How to organize a birthday party for kids

Plan your budget

Let’s start with something simple and obvious. When it comes to planning an awesome birthday party for your little nugget, you first have to start with the budget.

Setting the right budget will help you organize the event, select the best vendors, and plan what food to serve on the day. You first have to set the limit on your budget and work hard to stick to it.

It doesn’t matter if you have a small budget; there are a lot of inventive and creative ways to plan a party without spending too much.

In fact, a party with a touch of inventiveness is a lot more fun than one where everything is sourced out and was just ordered on the day.

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Don’t forget about your child

The tendency when it comes to planning a party is forgetting that it’s about the child so make sure you don’t forget to ask them what they want for their special day.

Considering that they will be the ones celebrating and having fun at the party, it is crucial to involve the kid in the decision-making process when selecting a party theme as well.

Making them feel special and important by including them in the decision-making process can also help to ensure that the subject is something they will genuinely enjoy.

Choose a character party that the child is crazy about if you want to surprise them. This is a great way to make them feel unique and involved on their special day. Selecting character replicas made of cardboard, inflatables, or printed on banners can add a distinctive and exciting element to the décor and help create a fun and celebratory atmosphere.

As the focal point of the celebration, using giant inflatable characters by Floatie Kings can be a great way to make it enjoyable and unforgettable for the child and their guests. These inflatables are a great addition to any character-themed party because they can be specially made to suit the child’s chosen theme and preferences.

You can even ask them for help in planning. Don’t just ask them to come up with party ideas. Instead, ask them to help make the centerpieces for the table, setting the table for guests, or helping them prepare a special dish to serve their friends and other guests.

Remember to assign them tasks that they can accomplish either on their own or with your guidance. Don’t give them tasks that are too difficult or they’ll end up becoming disappointed.

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Send out invitations

One big mistake in party planning is assuming that your guests can just drop everything and attend your party at a moment’s notice. Make sure you send out invitations far enough that guests can plan their schedules accordingly.

It’s acceptable to send out invitations at least 2 weeks before the party. Also, ask your guests to reply to your invitations so you’ll get a general idea of the number of people attending your child’s party, how much food you’ll have to prepare, and plan the games and activities to keep everyone entertained.

Make sure you ask the parents if their child has any food allergies and dietary preferences so you can accommodate them accordingly.

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Ordering a birthday cake

No birthday party is ever complete with an awesome birthday cake for everyone to enjoy. Once you’ve figured out who the guests are, how many people are coming, what food to serve, then it’s time to figure out the cake.

In this regard, you can ask your child’s preference and what the cake decor should be. We commonly see cartoon or animation inspired cakes so if your kid is particularly fond of a cartoon series or movie, that’ll give you a nice idea of what kind of cake you’re going to get them.

Just make sure it’ll be something everyone will enjoy so stick to familiar flavors of cake.

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Plan your activities

Every kid’s birthday party should involve fun games and activities that everyone will enjoy. This will be a great way for children to have fun while allowing the parents to rest, relax, and enjoy other adult’s company.

When planning for games and activities, make sure that it’s age-appropriate. For older kids, you can come up with fun games that’ll test their mental and motor skills. For kids who are a bit younger, you can always stick to time-tested activities such as bounce houses.

If your kid and his friends are particularly sporty, you can have the party at a laser tag arena or take them Go-karting. Remember to keep these activities varied for everyone to enjoy.

The main takeaway in planning a kid’s birthday party is to make sure everyone, including the birthday boy or girl, has fun.

Keep in mind that birthdays are a big deal to kids, unlike adults so meticulous care in planning should be done to make sure they have a fun and memorable birthday that they will cherish into their adulthood.


Author Bio: Sarah Brooks is a travel and outdoor blogger who loves to write about outdoor games, party ideas, and themes. She is currently working with Jump Start Party Rentals, which offers Orange County jumpers, bounce house rentals, bounce and slide combos, water slides, obstacle courses and more.



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    This is really helpful! I agree, sometimes we actually forget to ask the kids what they want as we tend to focus on our own planning.


  2. July 17, 2020 / 11:55 am

    Thank you for telling me that I can start organizing my kid’s party by establishing a budget first. It will be my son’s 10th birthday party next month and he’s been asking us if we can hold a Star Wars-themed birthday party even if it’s only done in our backyard. It might be a good idea to look for places where we can rent his costume once we have settled the budget.

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    It’s great that you talked about parties for kids and how to plan one! Recently, my sister said she wants to host a birthday party for her son. My sister’s busy with work and doesn’t want to stress about the party, so I think your article will help! Thanks for the advice on creating a budget for your kid’s birthday party!

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