Green Renovation- Steps To Make Your Home Sustainable Within Budget

The green home trend has been around for some years, but the pandemic has taken it a step ahead. Homeowners are more eco-conscious than ever right now, and they are willing to go the extra mile with sustainability initiatives.

But investing in green renovation means that you will need to rebuild and upgrade your existing living space in more than one way. It wouldn’t be easy to prepare yourself to make a hefty investment as money is a concern for everyone these days.

Thankfully, seasoned Australian home designers have some tried and tested eco-retrofits that can easily fit within tight budgets. These renovation ideas will make your living space energy-efficient and eco-friendly without burning a hole in your pocket.

Rest assured, you will love the new look and feel of your home. Here are some steps that you can follow to implement green renovation without spending a fortune.

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8 Green renovation ideas

Invest in a solar panel system

If you are genuinely concerned about sustainability, investing in a solar panel system will have your house covered for the long haul. The system converts sunlight into electricity, and you can use it for heating your home, producing hot water, and running all appliances you operate regularly.

The only difference is that you will be using a renewable source of energy now. The best part is that the panels will work even on a cloudy day when they cannot access direct sunlight. The project may require an upfront investment, but you can save up a lot on electricity bills over the years.

Upgrade the insulation

An insulation upgrade will not cost as much as solar panel installation, so it gives you a good start with eco-renovation, even on a tight budget. A lack of proper insulation translates into heat loss, and you may end up using more energy for home heating or cooling.

Consider insulating your loft or cavity walls this year to keep your place warm in winters and cool in summers. There are several options in insulation materials, from expanding foam to sheep’s wool. Pick one that fits into your pocket, and you will see energy bills dropping right after the installation.

Get window treatments

Home design experts recommend window treatments as a pocket-friendly green renovation initiative. They don’t cost a bomb but make your place eco-friendly and even elevate its decor.  You can easily slow heat transfer by getting double- or even triple-glazed versions for your single-glazed windows.

Pick a low-emissivity glass to make the place even more energy-efferent. You can also upgrade your curtains and blinds this year to reduce the load on the air-conditioning system. Thick materials maintain the indoor temperature and also give a luxurious ambiance to your living space.

Switch to sustainable appliances

Sustainable renovation doesn’t require costly upgrades, and you can make a big difference with little changes. Replacing incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs is the best place to start. You can check the quietest ceiling fans in Australia if you want to go the extra mile with sustainability.

These fans are handcrafted with timber, so the carbon footprint is minimal. They feature lower energy consumption and silent operations as other plus points. You will love the aesthetic value as well. These appliances last longer and enable you to lower your monthly bills.

Install a programmable thermostat

Spend a bit more on installing a programmable thermostat, and you can take your green initiative to the next level. It enables you to keep track of the cooling and heating systems and control them according to your needs. Temperature regulation goes a long way in driving energy savings for a building, so you can make conscious efforts to keep a check on the temperatures at all times.

You can make considerable savings on your utility bills and make your living space eco-friendly with this wise one-time investment. Smart thermostats are even better because you can operate them when traveling or in the office.

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Reclaim and reuse building material

While you can invest in upgrades for sustainability, there is another way to save the environment as you rebuild and renovate. Reusing demolition materials for construction is a great idea. You can discuss the option with your building contractor if you plan a demolition and remodeling project for your house.

They will take extra caution while dismantling fittings to make sure that most materials can be reused. You can even consider sourcing material from a salvage yard, which sells things like bricks and high-end materials for construction and remodeling projects.

Pick eco-friendly finishes

If your home renovation project is more about new decor for the interiors, opt for eco-friendly finishes this year. Fortunately, it is easy to find green options in paints and finishing materials these days. You can also get ones that easily fit into your wallet.

Look for water-soluble eco-paints that use plant oils and dyes instead of chemicals. Sustainable wallpapers made from natural materials such as cotton, wool, and hessian are also a good option for dressing the walls. You can also find wood varnishes and waxes that lend an impressive shine to furniture pieces without harming the environment.

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Create an indoor garden

You can finish your renovation job by creating an indoor garden for your home. It will not cost much but will lend a green ambiance to your place. Not to mention, the indoor air will be a lot healthier and fresher. Pick the indoor plants that are easy to maintain and work well for the environment.

Consider creating a vertical garden on your balcony if you don’t have much space indoors. You can even install floating shelves on a living room wall and create a small herb garden in old cups and containers.

Green renovation need not topple your budget, rather it is all about doing more with less. Making conscious choices of eco-friendly materials gives you a good start.

You can invest in small changes and upgrades to take your sustainability plan to the next level. Take one step at a time, and you will have an eco-friendly living space sooner than you think.


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