4 DIY Hacks To Make Your Pad Look Polished

make your pad look polished

As time passes, sometimes we begin not to notice things right in front of our eyes in our home. We become accustomed to that faulty light switch or the door which always catches when we don’t open it a certain way. Or that area that really could use a new coat of paint.

Yet with a few very simple upgrades, we can not only make our homes look much better but we can also increase the value should we need to sell. You may still be saving up for the big projects such as a Roof Restoration, or adding an extension.

But there are plenty of things you can do in the meantime to improve your home. The best part? None of these improvements cost a lot, but they will have a big impact!

4 hacks to make your pad look polished

1. Update Your Kitchen Cupboards

When your kitchen begins to look tired and dated, it’s easy to assume that a full refit is required – a costly and disruptive process. Yet sometimes, a couple of coats of new paint and some updated handles are all it takes to get a great new look for far less, and make your space seem more modern and clean in a flash.

Swapping plain handles for something more deluxe can also make basic kitchen units look way more expensive. Set aside a weekend, and regrout the tiles while you’re at it, and your kitchen will look like a very different space.

2. Create An Outdoor Seating Area

Many of us think of our garden space as a separate area, but viewing it as an extension to your living space can really change how you feel about it. Creating a proper feature sitting area in the garden is an instant upgrade.

Simply add some furniture, soft textiles and a few strings of solar powered fairy lights and you suddenly have a beautiful social space for Al fresco dinners or drinks on a balmy evening.

3. Change The Trimmings

Often it’s the small details in a home that can make it look expensive or second-rate. This is great news because changing up these little things is much less costly than a whole redesign, and you’ll be surprised by what an impact they can have.

For instance, unlined curtains let in too much light, aren’t as good at regulating the temperature, and don’t look as ‘finished’. So buy some curtain lining material and it’s an instant win.

Likewise getting handy with a screwdriver and changing the facing plates of your plug sockets and light switched to a brushed metal finish, rather than plain white plastic instantly makes the house look more pulled together.

You should also consider adding moulding to a room. This inexpensive finishing, frequently made of plastic is easy to install and when painted makes a room look so much more expensive and pulled together in a very low-key way.

You can also add moulding to the tops of kitchen cabinets and around doorways to give that luxury finish for a small amount of money.

Add Some Greenery

Greenery in and around the home relaxes us and is great for our physical health and mental wellbeing, as it acts as a natural filter for the air, as well as being very easy on the eye.

Pop a few houseplants around the place and it makes a big difference. If you aren’t good at remembering to water them, go for low-maintenance ones such as cacti or ferns.

You can also transform the kerb appeal of your house or apartment by investing in some simple planters to go around the doorway and provide a lovely bit of greenery.

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  1. Ruth Josey
    August 13, 2019 / 5:10 pm

    These are great suggestions and all fairly easy and inexpensive to accomplish. Thanks so much for the inspiration!


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