29 Clear Acrylic Nails That Are Just So Pretty

Just because you are opting for clear acrylics doesn’t mean your nails should be plain and boring and we have over 20 photos here to prove it. Your clear acrylic nails can be just as colorful and pretty.

You can paint your nails with whatever nail polish color you desire. But for your clear acrylics to show, you can go for ombre or even french tips. But really don’t just limit yourself to just these two. There are so many nail design patterns you can opt for. You can do any nail design you want with clear acrylic nails.

You can also simply use nail art stickers to beautify your nails. Other things you can use to adorn your nails include nail foil, nail rhinestones, and dried flowers. See below for some clear acrylic nail design ideas.

Beautiful clear acrylic nails

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