20 Bright And Colourful Eye Makeup Ideas

One thing I like to do when I’m bored at home is makeup. It is so fun to sit in front of your vanity and try out different makeup ideas. But it isn’t just about the fun. It also helps me practice doing my makeup and you know what they say about practice, “it makes you perfect”.

There was a time that I took over 20 minutes just to draw on the perfect eyebrow but now with so much practice, I can do my eyebrows in less than a minute. Yes, both eyebrows.

When it comes to shaping your eyebrows, there are countless types of eyebrow shapes to choose from. However, it’s important to keep in mind that different face types require different types of eyebrow shapes. That’s why it’s important to do proper research to discover your face type before deciding on the right eyebrow shape for you.

For example, those with a round face typically benefit from a more angular arch while those with a heart-shaped face might consider a softer, rounded arch. By knowing your face shape and selecting the right eyebrow shape, you can enhance your natural features and achieve a flattering look.

One thing I’ve been trying to perfect now is eye makeup. When it comes to eye makeup, it isn’t just about the eyeshadow, it is mostly about using the right brush so the makeup can blend right. Also, you have to remember to prime your eyes, because eyeshadow looks better with a primer.

Now with summer around the corner, here are some eye makeup ideas you can try your hands on. They are bright and colourful, perfect for the summer.

gorgeous green eye makeup

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