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As we all live in an age where most correspondence in business is carried out electronically, it pays to keep up-to-speed with all the scams that take place over the internet. Property buyers who could do with learning more about fraud related to the buying of homes should look for articles online providing accurate and up-to-date information on various scams.

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One of the more common fraudulent acts committed by con people knowledgeable about conveyancing procedures involves the use of fake emails. What these shameless individuals do is hack into the client lists kept by conveyancing firms. And then proceed to impersonate the solicitor dealing with a particular client. Unfortunately, this often leads to the unsuspecting client depositing funds in an account set up by the fraudster.

House-hunters determined to avoid losing potentially a stack of cash would be wise to consider ways to achieve this. Some of the more common points to look at regarding this serious issue include:


  • Double check all emails purporting to be from your conveyancer
  • Use high security software to communicate with the conveyancing firm
  • Regularly change passwords for emails and bank accounts
  • Ask email senders requesting details to verify themselves with a phone call
  • Report all scams you encounter to Consumer and Business Services


Team Work

There are a number of things to consider when deciding on the conveyancing company to employ when choosing to buy a new home or plot of land. Apart from ensuring the solicitor we use is capable of preparing legal documents efficiently, hiring a firm willing to go that extra mile is vital.

Indeed, some of the more reputable solicitors specialising in law for the acquisition of property in Queensland or wherever the property is located will take security issues very seriously indeed.

One way to ensure we employ the services of one of the more reliable conveyancing solicitors in Brisbane or in your local area would be to look on the internet for websites with well-researched articles on this important matter for home buyers.

Indeed, looking into relevant articles can help first time buyers learn about conveyancing services. By making sure we select one of the more established conveyancing companies available for home buyers, we should be able to avoid a nightmare scam scenario.


Avoid Issues

If we consider the old adage of “Prevention is better than cure” and we put it into the context of being scammed when buying a home, we should be able to work out exactly what we need to do.

But although there will be plenty of property searchers who are well aware of ways to avoid getting ripped off when going through the conveyancing process, not all home buyers are in the same boat.

With this in mind, it pays for people purchasing a new home, apartment or plot of land to read up on the latest ways to protect ourselves against conveyancing scams.

In some cases, talking to friends or neighbours who have experienced a fraudulent act when they bought their home would be a good idea. Especially when chatting with people who successfully blocked an online scam. And if we think about the potential large amount of money that victims of conveyancing fraud stand to lose, it certainly pays to be one step ahead of these undesirables.

On a positive note, there are plenty of happy endings for house-hunters who were able to buy the property they always wanted by using conveyancers who helped them every step of the way. In fact, online security technology is becoming so advanced, the day of the conveyancing fraudster looks to be almost over.


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