Get Your Child To Fall Asleep With These Tips

When a childless person asks a parent how it’s all going, the response will be a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, “it’s so much easier than I thought it would be – she’s just such an easy child.”

However, catch two parents discussing the world of parenthood, and that façade falls away as they proclaim, “I didn’t know it was possible to feel this tired!” It’s part and parcel of being a parent. It’s not getting any downtime, having to constantly be on the go, always alert and forever doing battle with some chore or another.

However, the biggest cause of parental-exhaustion is the kids not sleeping thing. That’s the big fatigue-inducer. The big nightmare. So if your child is having problems hitting the hay, don’t worry. It’s totally normal. And it’s also totally curable.

So, without further ado, here are some foolproof ways you can a) help your child get a better night sleep and b) stop yourself going completely insane.


Unplug Every Single Screen

Whether it’s a phone, a tablet or just the television. Having a bright blue light shined directly into your child’s eye isn’t going to help them meet the Sandman. In fact, kids are especially susceptible to this blue-light, which is because their eyes and brains are still developing. So they see twice the drop in that sleep hormone melatonin as us adults. The answer: slash screen time a couple of hours before bed.

Bit of Bedtime Breakfasts

Most parents opt for a bit of fruit before bed, but it’s actually better to go down the breakfast route after dinner. We’re not saying give them a bowl of Lucky Charms or anything. But something like oatmeal with warm milk or toast with peanut butter will work wonders because they combine protein and carbs to make you feel lethargic like you do after a big Sunday lunch. The same goes for bananas, yoghurt, cheese and eggs. They all make you sleepy.

Kids Need Soft Beds

When you are spending a third of your life in bed, it’s important you are sleeping on a top-quality mattress. It just makes sense. But kids don’t spend a third of their life in bed, they spend nearly a half, which is why you should view Mattress Life for info on which sort of mattress is going to be most comfy and sleep-encouraging for your child. We can’t stress this one enough. If you want them to sleep well, give them the tools to do so.

Lights Out, All Out

The healthiest way to sleep is in complete darkness.” That’s what science says. If your kid has a too-bright clock or a night light, it can actually disrupt their hormone regulation. And that can affect their sleep. Not to mention their immune system too. Of course, some kids are scared of the dark. So are some adults, like Insta-Dad, Raised By Kids. Thankfully, you can resolve this issue by popping a night light on in the hallway and then turning it off when you go to bed, or put it on a timer.


how to get your child to sleep

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