Can You Make Your Child Like School?

Children have their own personalities and temperaments, and rarely can we change what’s innately them – and we shouldn’t ever need to! We can work with their interests and hobbies, and the inevitable temper tantrum when they really don’t want to go to school one morning.

School is something most kids have to go through, no matter the format they learn in. But if you’ve got a child on your hands who isn’t too fond of the setting, or the teachers, or the content, then now’s the time to employ some techniques. So, can you get a child to start enjoying school, when they never have before? Let’s take a look.

Mixing the old classics and some fun, new methods together will always be the most effective way to learn!




Make Sure You Enjoy Learning

Your kids are constantly going to look up to you as their parent. And because of that, you need to make sure you’re teaching them the right things at all time. Modelling behaviour is something kids do very effectively. And you’re going to need to come off as someone who loves learning and supports the idea of school to make sure that idea is also in your child’s head.

Maybe you could take a course and tell your family all about how much you enjoy it around the dinner table. Or maybe you could sit down with your kids during homework time and be as enthusiastic about what they’re learning as possible. Either way, make sure your child knows that school is something to like and enjoy, and they will soon follow your lead!

how to make your child like school

Use Current Methods and New Technology

Kids are always up to date on the latest computer models and internet crazes. So make sure you’re putting the same ideas to use in your efforts to get your child to love school. Let them do their homework on an iPad or tap it out on the laptop. Or even sit them down with some fun educational videos that they can laugh at and learn from. As long as your methods are visually appealing and fast paced enough to keep up with their impatient brains, their enjoyment will be in for the long haul.

At the same time, you could help to encourage this technology transition in your child’s school. Suggest it at PTA meetings or with the headteacher. Seeing as huge universities and other renowned educational authorities are putting degrees such as master supply chain management online, you already know asking for this shift won’t be completely unreasonable!

Making your child like school might sound a little harsh at first. But considering it’s something they’ll be going to for the next 14 to 20 years of their life, it’s going to be necessary for their future.

But don’t push your agenda too hard; there might be serious reasons your child isn’t enjoying their school years, and it’s your job to find out why. Check for bullies and learning difficulties early on.


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