What Are the Benefits of Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner?

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Reverse cycle air conditioner is particularly designed for cooling or heating the interior spaces in a consistent and fast manner. Remote based operation also aids in controlling the different functions right from a few button cocks.

A 24-hour timer helps to program such an air conditioner when to switch them on or deactivate them as per the needs. Hence if you stay in a country where hot and humid days are pretty extreme throughout the year then these are the air conditioners to go with safely.

the benefits of reverse cycle air conditioners

Benefits of Using Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

1) Efficiently heats in the cheapest manner:

Based cooling cycle in using reverse cycle air conditioner is reversed. Hence there is heat dissipation in the indoor units while its outdoor unit helps absorb heat and it becomes cold in this procedure.

At a very low operational cost, efficient heating is done by these air conditioners. Comparing electrical heating use the following is concluded:-

Resistive heating – 1kw of the electrical energy helps creating 1kw of heat.

Reverse heating cycle – 1kw of the electrical energy helps creating 3kw heat typically.

The main reasons why this additional energy is created in reverse cycle air conditioner.

  • The compression of heat: The gas refrigerant which is located inside the reverse cycle air conditioner is in its outdoor unit compressor where the processing takes place. There is a high pressure where heated gas is generated as heat energy and this is captured inside the refrigerant gas. This is transferred in indoor unit where the air is passing on to the heat exchangers and gives rise to heat dissipation.

  • Refrigerant cycle: The cycle or process is efficient and as a result the refrigerant is competent to transfer the heat energy.

So, reverse cycle air conditioner is indeed a very fast way of heating. In these reverse cycle based units there is a very small room based air conditioner which is ducted and has fans inside the indoor units.

This kind of fan helps the circulation of warm air at a volume where around six to seven times there is a change in the room per hour.

Air rate of flow is effective and it helps in sharing the warm air all across the room and you are not required to depend totally on convections or gas heaters.

reverse cycle air conditioner

2) A very healthy way of heating:

Reverse cycle air conditioner unlike other fireplaces and gas heaters do not comprise of any open combustion and open flame of any sort. As a result, the room does not lower its oxygen levels when undergoing this entire heating process.

One of the main reasons why using gas heating makes us sleepy is that the oxygen levels going down balancing the fresh air supply. This can also produce carbon monoxide which is poisonous. There have been cases people have fallen asleep when using a heater and failing to wake up due to this.

Hence, reverse cycle air conditioner systems use refrigerants which is liquified and compressed and it is cooled in the condenser and then it is expanded in a controlled manner to transform to gas and evaporates in the air giving out a strong effect of cooling. As a result, the condenser warms and expels out the heat.


This same principle is used in a reverse cycle air conditioner where heat is moved from inside to the outside. If the air conditioner is kept in a cool mode then heat is replaced by cold air.

The unit can work in a reverse cycle mode or heating mode. So the entire process operates backward. Energy from outside is collected and transform inside to make the room heated.


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  1. December 19, 2019 / 12:22 pm

    It’s great to know that a reverse cycle air conditioner has a very low operational cost that I can use to prevent molds from growing in my house. I think I would prefer to hire a residential service to install one for my home so I can have a model that’s compatible with my needs. Mold has been my problem for the longest time during the spring since that’s the time where the heat and cold are transitioning, and the walls are a great breeding ground for mold, and I don’t want this to happen next year, so it may be time to put a stop to it.

  2. August 22, 2022 / 1:32 am

    It’s nice that you talked about how a reverse cycle air conditioner does not comprise of any open combustion and open flame of any sort unlike other fireplaces and gas heaters. We are currently furnishing our new house and we’re thinking of having a reverse cycle heating and cooling system for it. In order to make sure that it is installed properly, we should call for some experts for it.

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